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Ever wish you never were born?
Thinking you can't the weather this storm
That's exactly where I reside
I don't wanna commit homicide
Everything I thought was the truth was all just a lie
A product of my pride
And If I don't achieve what nobody believes I can achieve then we all gonna die
Either outcome is Horrible of course
But if we both go its
Par for the course
I think about the slums where I'm from, folks are out there fighting over crumbs,
And I can't do a thing to assist it, the gist is, it's broke and i cant fix it,
I struggled to find the truth
And the more I know I'm even more confused
Traveled the world and back and still I know no one who could walk in my shoes,
I'm searching for who I think is my Enemy, but every day he reminds me more of me
So to anyone I ever did wrong,
I wish you well and pray you live long
As for me my choice was made, way back in the day, so that's why I say

Ever wish you didn't have to wake up?
lay in bed, eyelids could stay shut
That's exactly how i'm feelin now
but i know i can't cuz that's not my style
Everything I shoved in my closet is now fallin out
and makin a big pile
And If I don't believe that i can achieve the impossible i need to quit right now
Either outcome would be a let down
gots to dig deep find self respect now
I think about the past and what i did to me
those who passed on who now live through me
I hesitated to take action,
and living like a coward aint crackin
And the more I know I get more frustrated
gots to press on cuz we must make it
I'm searching for who I think is my true friends
and trying my best to tie these loose ends
So to anyone I ever loved
sometimes you gotta go through hell to reach heaven above
for all of the times I didnt listen
and all the friends I lost man i miss them,
the only medicine for suffering, crime and the woes of mankind
has got to be wisdom
i heard a man say the mind is a prison,
possessed on a quest tryna find religion
just too much heartache
lead em to the water but cant make em partake
808s autotune and heartbreak
heart racin like its in a car chase
feelin like biggie on midnight of March 8
top of the world till you starin in god's face


from Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII, released January 31, 2011




Mega Ran Philadelphia

People will remember Ran for his daring leap from teaching into video game remixing which led to a Capcom cosign, but Random's penchant for storytelling has impressed gamers while garnering respect from Hip-Hop's harshest critics. An incredible impromptu "freestyle" MC, Ran's unique combination of fantasy and introspective hip-hop has found its way all over the world. ... more


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