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by Noveliss & Mega Ran

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The less poised Turn in the opposite direction At the site of the Reploid Of legend I represent what X did On top of mastering every weapon I've had reps with From the buster pistol To the triple rod Element switch like a catelprod The maverick hunter I awake from my slumber To run up the number of bodies among us Within the summer What you write for cyborg? A line is felt Never miss a beat on a mission Recorded through the Cyber Elf Created by Dr. Wily But I improved my design myself The spirit of warrior Living inside the shell Boom Noveliss and Mega Ran Put the culture on our shoulders Like Spiked shoulder pads We the Legion of Doom Stomp through Neo Arcadia With the Z-Saber All you see is a flash of greenlight Before you power down for life Speed dash with the Z slash Through an army of 5 Always on time To save a life... Ayo X Marks the Spot got the target locked Hold the cannon sideways some would say unorthodox but tell me What’s a pistol to a missile, When my tissue so official For shizzle keep it simple Archaeologists won’t dig you When I’m finished, hunting mavericks like I’m Mark Cuban, Part Human, when I start shooting you probably should start moving Yeah, X Hunter, I X-Busters, I’m, Over dramatic like the Rock whenever he catch stunners See you next summer, repliforce use excessive force Another war, no idea who we reppin for, Keep the weapons warm, Mega and Noveliss, warn the populous X’s and Zeroes, might seem like opposites But we ridin this, beat like, hover cycles Made by T. light, stage complete my, only reply Cause These guys, sting like chameleons, so resilient, Wall jumping, getting the drop on cats and killing it Only intention is bringing us harm Want a verse, know we charge like this thing on my arm, yessir- Don’t want it don’t start nothing Ready for action then stop fronting And press the start button
How many lives I got? Side scrolling through these stages of life I'm not invincible I've played the game on difficult Over compensate for my wounds My style's elliptical Failure teach the mightest lessons Within the wreckage of minds And broken spirits alike Went from rising from Ashes to toasting glasses In time A Phoenix I "Hope Summers" Last long in Michigan We need it Winter side effects Is depression by length of season These wheels spinning constantly, probably the reason I run outta gas following sounds I been traveling unraveling thoughts stuck in the void but you could color me lost Don't hear the noise Def ears in the car With beats playing tryna find myself I figure my failures cuz I designed myself No imitation A man of the planet I feel anxious When my surroundings lack changing The innovative Never stare at the loading screen in the matrix (Hook) How many? How many lives I got left I need some more change to continue on where I left Continue on... Continue on... Continue... (Mega Ran) Stay back, no GameFAQs, we done put the time in make headlines like falling asleep in a wave cap wake up like Zero to discover the world's gone insane left and right through countless sequels, seems that it's all the same Ran and Nov, experts at making your neck jerk keep only the nicest within my Battle Network Philly the Kid, Cannon Buster in a drag race Never last place, lottery picks on draft day Hunting mavericks, Washington Harbor to Akihabara Rocking the armor cause I seen the trauma Cover your paper, they all wanna copy the author So grind, living as if I will not see tomorrow Electric spark, every rhyme I write, keep you in my line of sight Sitting back dipped in black something like I'm Michael Knight I keep it mega, what you expect from a child of Light what you expect from a child of Light cutting like daggers, Mike Haggar.. final fight (Hook) How many? How many lives I got left I need some more change to continue on where I left Continue on... Continue on... Continue.
They say it’s colder in the summer now It’s getting warmer in the winter too they say that Armageddon's coming now And there ain’t no telling if it’s true Dear Summer, (Noveliss) Dear summer, Or whatever season these lyrics born in Product of global warming and climate change My minds astray Leaves falling in Autumn winds A flawless win my time to blaze The color change sets my soul on fire While I ignite a page Seeds in the soil Don't spoil my mind Telepathic Ichiban Lend me your energon For spiritual bomber rhymes I move to my own patterns I'm scattered brained A trait of a genius... Spilling coffee on his pages Each evening Believing in something you can't touch But can feel it Stay connected My heart chakra might be the weapon needed for wreckage I could use a upgrade The ice chip Regardless of the situation My slice quick With a slight drip Understand providence prior to knowing what a prophet is In the pursuit of knowledge and balance through my accomplishments Meditation my only solace when Utilizing bars to uplift my hands got calluses I listen to Greta and almost can’t believe How the world greatest thinkers, get outclassed by a teen When I was her age, my concern was parties every week But now is the day, That we need leaders to step in and lead When Autumn leaves start to fall, it’s when I’ll miss you most of all Been a king like Nat Cole, with rap flows, But when the call, Is rejected, you’re like Jonah, you might not feel it at all, but your immediate surroundings start to crumble like the wall Of Jericho, elevated Boston Crab, We would often laugh Now it’s just avoidance, like when black cats cross your paths I recall the past, Mega Man 2, Faxanadu Scribbling the codes on the inside of the manual Now I pray that when it’s over God’ll be pleased And say you best with the tools that I handed you Protected the family too, no leaf shield But when crumbles, just like Sigma, you know we re-build choose your own adventure. Whether pain or pleasure But remember we can make it We in this together Sorta like Avengers Through the fall and the winter And the worst of weather We are here forever They say it’s colder in the summer now It’s getting warmer in the winter too they say that armageddons coming now And there ain’t no telling if it’s true Dear Summer, Dear Summer We been here, waiting all year for ya Tell us something We just need to hear from ya
Reploids Everywhere I go I see these reploids All up on my head like Metroids Tryna copy but doing it sloppy Looking like we gotta catch another body Its these Reploids Everywhere I go I see these reploids All up on my head like Metroids Tryna copy but doing it sloppy Looking like we gotta catch another body Its these Reploids Everywhere I go I see these reploids All up on my head like Metroids Tryna copy but doing it sloppy Looking like we gotta catch another body Its these Reploids Everywhere I go I see these reploids All up on my head like Metroids Tryna copy but doing it sloppy Looking like we gotta catch another body
(Noveliss) The King makes his way to the ring A Jaguar mask The face of an animal To cover the face of an animal A robe that rivals the Nature Boy King of the Iron fist tournament STF work as the tourniquet No blood circulate Twisting tombstone Knock a vertebrate outta' service then Alert the nervous system I drive you beneath the surface when This DDT will flatten a crown You false royalty There's only one King When I ascend this turnbuckle to touch the sky Like Lupe I promise Dropping this elbow knowledge Macho Mane Impact Destroy your sternum For the gold High angle German suplex With the wrist control Separate your physical body from your invisible soul I'm invincible once I step through the ropes Okada face dollars Fall from my palace Shower the Tokyo Dome A wide angle camera shot Moments before defeat While I receive energy from the crowd And use it to slay a beast Transform then A Rainmaker turn opponents to headless horseman I don't feel complete without the gold on me proper Carry the next generation I got ya Okada (Hook) Clash of the Titans Okada vs Omega A Rainmaker carries the storm It never let up The One winged angel Can fly in any weather (Mega Ran) Catch us if you can Terminator sent from the future, to bring a new dawn to man And, senton you to a moonsault, with a perfect land For the thousands in attendance and the millions on demand The cleaner, not a moniker, but a demeanor, Feeling cut up, looking leaner when I step into the arena No umbrella but I plan to stop the rain and bring defeat home, v-trigger crush ya cheekbone You’re dethroned Play the hard cam, execute like only god can, till the nameplate on the title reads that I’m the champ No pomp and circumstance when ever the threat advance, we married in beef, so I just sever the olive branch Tope suicida, land out in the crowd with the true believers Talk a good one and you know I ain’t afraid to do it either Bring your best and it’s not enough, bank of Omega ain’t taking Okada bucks Get your deposit up No heroes or villains, cause that talk is antiquated A match this anticipated you gone wish you made it Leg drop bulldog rearranging faces Gimme all of the lights and the most epic of stages Seven stars not Mario RPG But an hour with me and most opponents can hardly breathe Fantastic shape Be ready cause we moving a frantic pace Best Bout machine You can’t escape No pressure Omega..
One in a trillion Phoenix Splash For a half tank of gas Smash ya ilium Lend me your energy once Who didn't believe in us But First let me Destroy social media Before you beam me up Tomorrow never promised I build a bridge for my daughter and son To make it to the other side with they Mom My legacy will see fruits Result of the labor Til' we became A laser focused Anomaly of the prophecy He who writes the mightest lines Escapes the poverty Inside of my mind I won the lottery What holds the most value? Knowledge The only weapon That can manipulate reality Anyway that you set it Live in the present keep the way that you think in tact Still find a glimpse of the future Before the fingers snap Before I turn into dust Destroy the internet Put a legacy on the line Don't let hard times divide us Our rising Is what defines us If you saw the size of the blessing that’s coming You’d understand the magnitude of the stress that you under So keep on.... You’re allowed to scream, you’re allowed to cry But don’t you ever believe you won’t make it by So keep on So keep on Bridge Happiness can only be found in the darkest times, The best view only comes after the hardest climb... If you tryna raise the bar then remain On the grind Then remember god is good, god is good all the time Mega Ran A hot dog and handshake in exchange for a fan base 6 cats in a van traversing the landscape My money ain’t touching and agreeing And -really it’s a struggle every weekend a tough position to be in, Looking Like I’m Swimming and got it under control while I’m really slowly drowning on the deep end Meanwhile friends seeing, me up on IG, Look like I’m on a vacay they think I fly free But a picture only shows what I want to be exposed The highlight reel, cause I crop out all the lows Nobody watches sports center for the layups And Everybody say they loved you while on the way up, If you don’t wanna be worker than you gotta boss up, But you probably the last one who know you washed up Man growth is painful - and change is too But you got to be aware of what you change into
(Noveliss) Regardless of my programming My memory chip defective I got a mind of my own My reputation Upholds A soldier of fortune alone But never work for a fortune alone The less fortunate Always in the thoughts of the legend I do what I can as soon as I choose a weapon I measure the distance between myself and maverick The shield boomerang deflecting every shot from a blaster Who lost hope? I find it within a poem The writer living inside of the quiet one in the zone I travel until I'm home Wherever I lay the Z Saber Or Until Neo Arcadia He grew up a gamer They still Trying to figure out which Arcade he from Marvel vs Capcom II That's how they raised him up A quiet creator No writing? I'd never say enough The introverted Load the disc and go on Excursion The soundtrack to my life I'm living inside a console Life's a game Only 1 life remains Never move on without a memory card Adventure vs Memory Loss repeat (Mega Ran) seen so many things i wish i could hit erase on sequel after sequel my purpose starting to take form bombs made of napalm, get my battle and chase on All these ups and downs its starting to resemble a waveform Chain Rod, seven directions, saved by several blessings, now I'm off to another dimension Foes think they can Copy X that way of thinking is outdated just like some Floppy Disks bring the flavor to Neo Arcadia like a condiments stopping this, no chance in H-E-double hockey sticks forged in arcades in the 80s when i was a child barrel rolls in after burner, before fox mccloud now i body it like i'm infused with head and body chips fate of the world in my palms, no time for sloppiness Street fighter tourneys every morning on the ave Got next, put a quarter on the cab, no memory card Chorus 2x
I know who I am but sometimes I’m not really sure On one hand I do the most yet I wish that could do more I ain’t where I was before, I ain’t where I wanna be I wish I could be the person that you see when you see me I used to draw, truthfully I was kinda nice at it I would make transformers and anime characters and run my momma ragged like, I need a sketchbook, strathmore, with 100 sheets colored pencils, I made a stunning peace at least every couple weeks But I kept it secret, Cause my homie Al used to draw too, 6’7, living legend never had a lesson, plus he could ball too I felt inferior- so my pad never left my interior, work my posterior off But knew deep inside that my skill, it would never get near to him, so One day I got exposed, I took my drawings to school I thought I would look like a fool But everyone said they were cool It Felt great having an audience But that didn’t help me through all of it You can have everyone all convinced And yet still feel fraudulent That Imposter syndrome And When you got my skin tone Depression make its inroads- North of 30 and it hits home I’m an unfinished work and I know that to be true spit I make movements not excuses Everydays a chance for improvement, yeah I know who I am but sometimes I’m not really sure On one hand I do the most yet I wish that could do more I ain’t where I was before, I ain’t where I wanna be I wish I could be the person that you see when you see me (Noveliss) A remix of human being Who Dreamed of doing too many things But why not? I figured I'd to do them all unless time stops I grew up in the gym and the driveway A scholarship was light work But started to lose interest when I figured out how my mind worked Didn't to try to share my taste in anime with my teammates Then Starting writing poetry Ask around They'd never know it's me The Imposter syndrome An otaku lost in the locker room Nobody sat next to me on the busses My solitude Every road game in college was writing rhymes My solace I've seen the world But my hunger for more Remains out of balance I be pleading with myself to act natural when I get off the stages But instead I curl up and get flustered too many faces You'd never know A product of growing up finding comfort in being alone But what I apply to my craft from sports is knowing how to be in the zone Cursed by my perception Inception I swear it felt like a good year Depression in the physical's a smile From ear to ear But never veer Still here...


In the Megaman videogame universe, The Maverick Hunters are an organization founded by Dr. Cain, dedicated to protecting humans and the world at large from Maverick attacks. Through years of games and sequels, the Maverick Hunters remain dedicated to their mission of making the world a better place. The two most notable members are X, created by Dr. Light; and Zero, successor of Bass and the greatest creation of Dr. Wily.

Much like X and Zero, after sharing stages in the US and Japan, Otaku emcees Noveliss (of the group Clear Soul Forces) and Mega Ran have joined forces over a mutual love of hip-hop and video games to present the album "Maverick Hunters."

The two tell stories of our changing world ("Dear Summer"), not-so-distant memories ("Memory Card") and even pro -wrestling ("Clash Of The Titans") over classic beats by mainstay producers Hir-O Beats, Yon Li and DJ DN3.

The Bandcamp release features a bonus track: "When It's Over" produced by Young RJ of Slum Village, and featuring RoQy TyRaiD.

Much like the heroes the album is named after, the album has arrived to bring about a positive change in a sea of uncertainty. Our two heroes are dedicated to the cause, which should be apparent in every lyric and beat. The era of the Maverick Hunters is upon us.


released May 7, 2021

Executive Producers: Mega Ran and Noveliss
Album Mixed By Hir-O
Beats by Hiro, Yon Li and DJ DN3.
Cover Art by Aaron Hendrick

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Mega Ran Phoenix, Arizona

“Mega Ran's proven he can excel in storytelling, punchlines, poignancy, freestyling and, well, pretty much any other way you can measure an MC.”

— LA Weekly

An incredible impromptu "freestyle" MC, Ran's unique combination of fantasy and introspective hip-hop has found its way all over the world, into leading press outlets and most recently, into the Guinness Book Of World Records.
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