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Mega Ran (5th Anniv. Edition) Double Disc

by Mega Ran

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Aaron "ProtoBusterSwrd" Rodriguez
Aaron "ProtoBusterSwrd" Rodriguez thumbnail
Aaron "ProtoBusterSwrd" Rodriguez I first heard of Mega Ran/Random in 2010, via Nintendo Power. At first I thought nothing of Ran, I wasn't in the loop about Nerdcore. Fast-forward a few years later, when I fully understood the internet and such, I became a fan instantly! Favorite track: Final Battle 2.0 (feat. Loose).
Daniel Lair
Daniel Lair thumbnail
Daniel Lair Mega Ran brings it home with some awesome Mega Man remixes with all the rap up in thar.
I really enjoyed the remixed Megas song with them playing the part of Metalman and Mega Ran being Mega! It's awesome. >:O Favorite track: Boss Battle: Metalman (feat. The Megas).
Lewis Williams
Lewis Williams thumbnail
Lewis Williams I'm here for the dope cap!
Colby Porter
Colby Porter thumbnail
Colby Porter Been listening to Megaran since reading an article about him in an Indigo. Man this guy is great and this album is superb, the beats and the lyrics. Unstoppable! Favorite track: Bubbleman.
Paul Bunyan
Paul Bunyan thumbnail
Paul Bunyan You say it's the 25th anniversary of The iconic Blue Bomber? Well, let's celebrate by playing Mega Ran's 5 year tribute to one of video gaming's superstars. Wily is the ingenious track built with the dopest level music Dr. Wily Skull fortress stage 1 from Megaman 2. The lyrics say it all, how could you not like this? Favorite track: Wily.
Octo Rock
Octo Rock thumbnail
Octo Rock Just listen to the Metalman track if you're a doubter. Favorite track: Boss Battle: Metalman (feat. The Megas).
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28 tracks, containing the original Mega Ran album with new songs, and instrumental versions of each. Digital download includes special commentary on the album. Thank you for 5 years of Mega Madness!


released July 12, 2012

Produced by Random, DN3 and Samik. Additional production by DCT, Richie Branson, Lost Perception and Mustin.Thank you to all Capcom staff for their support.


all rights reserved



Mega Ran Philadelphia

“Mega Ran's proven he can excel in storytelling, punchlines, poignancy, freestyling and, well, pretty much any other way you can measure an MC.”

— LA Weekly

An incredible impromptu "freestyle" MC, Ran's unique combination of fantasy and introspective hip-hop has found its way all over the world, into leading press outlets and most recently, into the Guinness Book Of World Records.
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Track Name: Wily
One of the smartest in the world,
Amazing advances within the field of ro-botics
Money is no object,
But he never felt the need to make a profit with projects
Had a best friend, doctor light
They couldve changed the world
If they had stayed together
friendly competition turned to bitter rivalry and one day it changed forever
Wily felt he had done enough
But no matter how good he was he was always Runner up
Got Sick of second place
Felt like it was wilys turn to take a crack at comin up
The school held a contest,
To show off technology and chart our progress,
Wily and Light collaborated
But Dr Light got all the accolades wild press and I guess
Wily had enough of that, started actin up, so he packed his stuff,
And though his act was tough, we weren't buying it, this is how he became a mad scientist
Might win some but he just lost 1
Light kept building, awards got won
A table for 1, it's just not fun,
So he built a robot, to call his son
Rock, named for his love for music,
Lab assistant who fetched his tool kits
Teenage boy, A little clumsy clueless,
but always amusing, that's the blueprint
Didnt want Rock to be alone
So he made a sister bot, named Roll,
Life was grand but little did they know
That wily was coming back for everything he was owed

I was beat I was played I was lied to
Unappreciated for all the good i do
They told me chill and I tried to
Now it's all about survival,
Crushing my rivals,
I'm takin over, nothin can stop me,

It's doc wily, do not try me,
It's doc wily ha, do not try me

All was well in the city of robots,
Peace and love no shots no cops
Till guess who came back to the block
When danger comes, it's likely that it won't knock
Broke in the lab like a repo man,
Left all the robots reprogrammed
Cut man iceman elecman guts,
Fireman But rock and roll, keep those man,
Stack mad chips like Doritos man,
Built a huge fortress unleashed those and,
Used lights Robots to wreck the town,
And if you wanna stop em you gonna bow down
Now, Our worst fears came to life and Worse everyone is blaming light,
doc only has one robot left, rock, and he ain't even trained to fight
On world domination he's hellbent
So he gives him a blue suit and helmet
Tells rock don't kill if you can help it,
Can't believe his old friends so selfish,
Mass destruction, is his only objective
If only he had known he's respected,
Maybe he wouldn't act so reckless
I guess it's all a matter of perspective
But we can't let him win this fight,
Time to get equipped, bots get sliced
Rock has wily in his sights
But cant bring himself to End his life
So they lock the doc in a cage
Where they think he'll spend the rest of his days,
But I heard the other day he escaped,
And i bet hes right back to his evil ways


I was beat I was played I was lied to
Unappreciated for all the good i do
They told me chill and I tried to
Now it's all about survival,
Crushing my rivals,
I'm takin over, nothin can stop me,

It's doc wily, do not try me,
It's doc wily ha, do not try me
Track Name: Take Your Turn (Bombman)
5 years ago some friends of mine
got together and we put mega man to rhymes
had the rap world stuck like a pantomime
Capcom hit me up, told me they were fans of mine
next thing you know im givin daps to
the cats who, made the games I played daily
insane to brain to think that they really
contained my claim to fame its plain silly
30 year old rap dudes with tattoos
shedding they backpack roots to clap tools
claiming they rap that truth and thats cool
paid all my rap dues, yet i attract fools
who ass-ume Random's dead
apparently you werent hearing what Random said
All i did was pay attention to the fans instead
of being scared of what was inside of Random's head
and all of us who make art, wanna stand apart
and see success while staying true to your heart
can't get set or go till you get on your mark
some times to go forward ya gotta restart
sat on the stoop with a couple of bros
used to beg the homies to come to the shows
had to make a change--and it wasnt my flows
but the secret to success was right under my nose

been around the world and one thing i learned
if ya gonna do it, do it on your terms
you live you learn, take your turn
who coulda believed it

i bomb atomically, gotta be a prophecy
that i could be making a career as a hot MC
probably, critics try knocking me
possibly, one day i'll see a line way around the block for me
cats who dont rock wit me, say i made a mockery
and i should be on the sidelines like kevin loughery
cops dream of lockin me but im as clean as i can be
i was in the drivers seat but still aint have the drive in me
i would be, working 9-5 for the family
doing what i loved on the side to keep my sanity
most cats are cool but a few not friendly
make me wanna bomb first like 2pac's in me
but i chill and fall back like daylight savings
write some more raps hoping they might save me
till 5 years ago i got a strange idea
told DN3 he said "they might feel ya"
its megamans 2oth anniversary
what would fit perfectly? a beat and a verse from me
Hit atomic fire and i got to shopping
then fired up Reason and i got to choppin
made a couple records that paved the way
still perform those joints on stage today
How mega ran was born, it isnt that clever
i like games and rhymes, i put em together, haha

been around the world and one thing i learned
if ya gonna do it, do it on your terms
you live you learn, take your turn
who coulda believed it