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Mega Ran Com: Mission

by Mega Ran

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Ladies and gentlement (uh uh) Yeah, seven years running, uh, seven years hunting seven spent protecting robot city from whatever trouble's coming from Wily, the robot masters, Mr. X, to Sigma his brother, lost significant others, his own stigma He did it cause that's the mission Dr. Light built into this heart his origins, you can start select, but can't select where you start so for the true fans, the blue man's always accessible to rescue you rumor is there's a storm's abrewing moving so he got a quest to do you demanded he answer, uh, things got worse he adapted so many years have elapsed, just look at the change in the graphics if you ride he ride, you fight he fight, through what he write he right he's like, Hip Hop's modern Manami Matsumae, if not just a regular blue guy so as a token of your support through the thick and the thin a gesture of our appreciation as a new mission begins you already know who the name's are what the joys and the pains are every record came strong clean the pantry, up the ante: Game Start
I got a letter from my man in france, who asked if i would give megaman another chance I said “what you mean?” i never left this alone i will rep this until the day I’m gone ha, i’d be a fool not to recognize that i would be nothing if it wasn’t for the mechanized blue guy, who died so that i could live now he’s resurrected, y’all know what time it is the most prominent, dominant, occupant build him a monument on every continent i’m cosignin it no empty promises, we stand together let em know it’s megaman forever hook everyone in every corner of the globe grab your control let’s go cause it’s that… time get ready get set go Yeah get ready get set, go! put ya hand up, turn it to a fist take the other hand, clamp it around your wrist and blast, till the doubt and hate just falls off you turn the music up, you can’t hear what they call you you can catch me at a mega man telethon with a cannon arm and used Met helmet on taking calls till i lose my voice because it’s all about the user’s choice so when it came time to respond to the letter I had to let him know I only change for the better i accept the unchangeable but it just shows me we still got a way to go They see the places that I be in, I just grin, Kotaku to ign as for the love i get i’m so touched alone we do little, together we do so much so everyone in every corner of the globe grab your control let’s go cause it’s that… time get ready get set go get ready get set go!
Gravity 03:07
Gravity Not just out for a check Boy I'm out for respect Oh you have all the answers, Who you, Alex trebek? Get a hold of the press Ima need to confess This here is catastrophic I'm the cause of this mess. I'm not a killer man It's too much to deal with man, My family wearing black like a steelers fan Couple years in the game I'm still fearless man But this new threats just too much to deal with man That's that gravity Make you a casualty It's all good when you hot It's all bad when you not, I take it with grains of salt, When I'm back on the block All the daps and the hugs, Brothers showing me love Thinking that I'm above But if you knew what it was, You'd probably pray for me, And keep it straight with me, I ain't in no hurry, Just need you to wait with me It's bout 8:50 and I'm tryna get straight With my schedule in gonna be a bit late but uhh It's that gravity What goes up must come down. So we move laterally I defy gravity Got em all mad at me Cause the calamity But never a casualty They drill you like a cavity, Abundance to depravity Saints turn to blasphemy Happens pretty rapidly Pomp and the pageantry Hanging off the balcony Totally a travesty Failure of your strategy Haters laughing gallantly Voice all gravelly Occurring so naturally Ending so tragically, 2x Chorus
Welcome to the Megaman show (let's go) Welcome to the Megaman show (Let's go) Off to a place, beyond space Where nobody's ever gone befo (gone befo) From civil rights, marches with Martin Luther To living in the sky.. Welcome to the future East coast, (come on) west coast (come on) Y'all know what it is way before they throw the drum on Mega Ran, returns to mega man, Can he do it again, why yes he can, The futures here, no hop aboard, We running late, get it's time to soar, No more poverty, it was hard to get by, Now ain't no stopping me, I'm like Marty Mcfly Life is Automated, Everything is enhanced Kept an open mind Glad I gave it a chance On the verge of extinction, facing apocalypse, Machines rose up, but a stop to it, Glory glory, hallelujah, We here now, welcome to the future
Rock With Me 01:58
where did you come from who do you report to? i’ve never seen you round my scanners go haywire my circuits start sparking you must be new in town i can’t say what it is but i need to beeee with you tonight - oh yeah it’s the end of the world as we know it but girl you and me we’ll be just fine Chorus Il give you my heart whatever the cost… but you gotta rock with-me-bayyy beee no matter the cost baby its yours as long as you rock with me bayyyy beeee verse 2 when you - came off the assembly line, i think they broke the mold you’re fine and classy and you activate functions i can’t control i can’t say what it is but i need you in my arms tonight - oh yeah going to war isn’t hard when i know you’ll be there - every-thing’s all right-- chorus
Still Here 03:24
Still Here Sitting at my command center Contemplating my future I try hard but I Can't get a, Break - I guess that I'm used ta Running hard to protect this town, Taking Wily's Creations down, 87 I started this, 2014 I can't quit now, Even though I want to, Feel like they take me for granted Can't get a new game out my fans tell me they can't stand it, What am I supposed to do, I'm just a man in a vocal booth, And if I did have an answer, Would you dudes even do what I told you to? So Lonely at the top of the scrap heap Driving is cool but the view is better in the back seat I'm sitting growing older while these youngsters surpass me, Might be better on the other side If you ask me (P) What a day what a day what a day I'm so confused) I don't know where to go what to do I see no way, What do I do) When the master pulls that plug and flips the light I'm still here Oh you think this is a game but it's my life Do you even care) Megaman Ima speak for the fans, So Sorry that we let you down We been ridin for 25 years, We ain't goin nowhere now, We make fan art, albums, unofficial games Not for fiscal gain, it's so they don't forget your name, Mega, You change our lives, now we gone give it back, For as long as we shall live, so don't forget it jack-- Blue bomber forever, transcending generations, I see the Love in Japan and every single nation We got sick of waiting, but we ain't take it out on you, Petitions don't help, they need to see our view, But no matter what, we won't let em forget, We can speak with our wallet, If they letting you sit, Heard you ready to quit, that day never can come Cause you're a hero, and your job never is done Long as evil exists, you must stay on the guard, I know you're frustrated know you taking it hard, But we praying to god, that they seeing the light, And we gone do what we can, cause we believe in the fight! So your struggle is ours, Through the sweet and the sour Because we are people and the people are power
Ground pt 2 My previous attempts to find love we're thwarted So I proceed with caution with any woman I courted They know me for the flawless raps I spit while on my cordless, Yet one day my neck contorted Towards a girl and she was gorgeous And Told myself no matter what I wasn't falling for it Tried hard to Ignore it but it was like the perfect chorus Stuck in my head, for the remainder of the day, Now I'm reviewing all scenarios, practicing what to say, Cause she's a fan of all the things that I adore So I'm hoping I can learn some more from my cherie amour, But knowing my luck and track record, I'll get a little far but wind up stuck at second, I learned from Kane there's no half steppin So I refuse to wait another half second- I'm going in Walk into the room where she's sitting, I get closer and she starts smiling, as if she's smitten are you kidding As I approach she's getting more excited, I follow her lead and move in for a hug since I'm invited That's when I realized that my fantasy was over, She was smiling at her boyfriend who was right over my shoulder Now I gotta go cuz this could end up in a fight, I shook his metal hand bid the both of them good night I left the room embarrassed cuz if lost another friend And from that day I realized that I would never love again
Rap game Albert wily, Norman smiley Go on and hate gone and clown me I just wanna blow cuz I just wanna know who gone say they was down before they found me Got boys around me, I don't know Tryna poke holes but it a no go, Got dope rhymes got a dope show Yall stuntin -- yall don't grow Watch a player rise up, and take it to the hole, Put your money on a winner cuz I'm bringing in the gold Not the medals man I'm talking bout the gold paint - I shows up, in a gold truck Bumpin grow up shattering dreams like gold dust I'm tow up like sheets of paper Gotta go hard till I meet my maker Keep the paper I celebrate like they suns do when they beat the lakers Standin still like freeze frames Now peep game- these lames Should refrain from these thangs that make them sound the-same As the next man, so I expand, mutate like an X-Man - activatin yo sweat glands, cuz I change the climate when my jet land Those accolades I'm earning that Mega ran inmurder tracks, weak bars I ain't heard that. Yall front we ain't turnin back Ain't no-turnin back Cause we comin and we ain't talkin smack Watch yo front and watch your back when rappers attack Cuz When it's on you know there's no turnin back yeah
Chorus Tell me why, I love you so, Don't let me go Just let know, Your love Your love Your love (The love remains) Ran v1 I still got games in the package, 2 years old I may never get to them, truth be told Mom says slow down before you lose control, But I got so much to do, So much to do I said it 2 times, New shows new goals mean new rhymes, Head spinning so fast might made a dude blind, You don't work you don't eat so you know you grind, I used to say ill sleep when I die, But it's scientifically proven, that sleep deprivation could lead to an early demise So between you and I, Gotta do all I can That ain't as artists that's as a man Sometimes I hate making cold calls, No replies make a brother wanna go off I worked so hard, to Bust my chains, So for music and games, you know - the love remains -- Ran v2 I want it I need it I live it and breathe it - true, I loathe it hate it I wish I could leave it true They tell me it's evil i Kinda believe it - yet it Feels so real, i truly can see it One second I know it, the next one I doubt it Yet I, Have no idea what Id do without it - and I love it to death and then I delete it - it's trash Tell you my problems, you keep all my secrets - They say that we don't get enough love Then when we go hard they call that tough love, You can't touch love, but it's Like the exploding cigar that we take a puff of Inafune Had to leave what he was doing cause sometimes loving the dream means starting a new one Even though I know what the ending is like Something's making me continue the fight- the love remains Chorus
Family 04:52
Krunchfingr The revolution will be livestreamed Followed by yellow tape and police sirens Before mega ran people forget there was raheem Teacher rapper hero never sidetracked from my dreams I filled up like 20 composition books, With mad rhymes with missing hooks, Never was my strong suit, High school was tough, mainly cause I forced my way into the wrong group Till I decided it was more fun standin out Handed in papers, now they hand em out, From the blocks the burbs to the blocks again, We fall down then we box em in I Remember dreaming about The things I do on a regular basis I'm living my dream far off places this one is for the fans who believed in ran, I'm stil random who needs a plan. Haha Cuz when I'm down and out and thinking everything is worthless, you purchases, That makes me believe I can Chorus So this one is for the family, Who knows how difficult it can be Not the fans but the family You were there for me, you understand me Saw a bit of myself in the blue Bomber A character who always escaped unspeakable odds While I was smooth enough to slip through most drama, I credited my momma and my faith in God, Hard headed like a met, Life level up the threat Still im steady as it gets.. Sniper joe with the mic and flow 200 watts off the top leave rappers Enlightened tho This for the folks who was patient, Lost in translation like localization No hatin, but you know who making Video game raps first, there's no debtating Big ups to YTC cuz the NES album inspired me, And if it inspires one rap or one beat Then that would make the cipher complete, I didn't do it for the fame, I did it for my love for the game, And if I had a chance to do it over I would leave nothing changed And I hope you out there would do just the same Chorus 2x
Stone(d)man 03:45
Rather consistently confuse dudes This was a mystery for blues clues.... And If I may Foreshadow.. To fix this imma need to use tools Saturday morning I adjust the blinds beat Megaman 2 for the hundredth time I found myself sitting home bored 8 more vile robots destroyed Came out my room at 4:06, To pour another bowl of cookie crisp That's when I noticed a missing rush figurine My roommates had something to do with this I wondered what Megaman X does If he was missing his best bud Maybe my mates are playing tricks on me If they're lying that's just messed up They tell me relax, slow down get your breath They're passing a little cigarette They suggest I take the edge off Take a puff and you'll just forget. Yup I think I'm stoned man, I need to get out on my own man I'm 35 I'm a grown man But dude I'm really stoned man V2 I fall asleep and now it's 3 to 6 I waking up craving tortilla chips Everybody's gone but me, And of course they didn't clean their filth-- I get up and grab the mop and broom, Everything's spinning I can't stop the room, I start regretting the choices I made As well the people with which I choose to hang My figure still nowhere to be found I'm lifting couches, it's got to be around I bought this thing on eBay From Japan delivery took 23 days Some people think that getting high is fun I don't see how anyone gets anything done My mission is incomplete But the munchies have gotten the best of me V3 Finally my roommates return to the pad They Grabbed some groceries and garbage bags That's when It hit me like a ton of bricks My rush figure might be in the trash... Cuz it was sitting on the book shelf, And the trash can was right to the left, No bag in the can-- Which means it's out on the front steps, Just as I get to the door I hear the vroom of pedal hitting floor, It's the sound of the trash truck Today's the day the pick the trash up, I missed him by a couple minutes My dear rush figurine is finished. My world crumbled like a landslide I'm crying like a baby back inside, Blithering snotting, man I'm outta control, Maybe I need to smoke a bowl, So I did, and really I don't regret it Weed doesn't do much for me but make me apathetic Smoked up went to sleep and lost track of time forgot about that figure till I wrote this rhyme Just a couple bums with No plan And this is the story of stone man


(PHOENIX, AZ) After finishing up a successful Kickstarter campaign in which he achieved 300% of his original $5000 goal, teacher, rapper and gamer MEGA RAN is prepared to release the first of many unique stretch goals, a full album of Mega Man sampled tracks, done by commission, aptly titled "Mega Ran Com: Mission."

The title is a play on the Command Mission title, released in 2004 on the PS2 and GameCube systems. The new album will sample from classic titles from Mega Man 2 all the way up to Mega Man & Bass.

"I'm excited to return to my roots," Ran says from the studio. I tossed out the idea of returning to Mega Man and the fam was down. I got back into the lab and we made some really fun jams."

"Mega Ran Com: Mission" will release on Christmas Day 2014.


released December 25, 2014

2014 RandomBeats, LLC/OverClocked Records.

Special Commissioner: Emmanuel Frechou

Executive Produced by all Kickstarter Backers
Mixed by K-Murdock
Lyrics by R. Jarbo
Art by Thor Thorvaldson


all rights reserved



Mega Ran Phoenix, Arizona

“Mega Ran's proven he can excel in storytelling, punchlines, poignancy, freestyling and, well, pretty much any other way you can measure an MC.”

— LA Weekly

An incredible impromptu "freestyle" MC, Ran's unique combination of fantasy and introspective hip-hop has found its way all over the world, into leading press outlets and most recently, into the Guinness Book Of World Records.
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