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Mega Ran in Language Arts, Vols 1, 2 & 3

by Mega Ran

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metamusichaha thumbnail
metamusichaha I downloaded this album before moving to Thailand to teach. The first couple of months, I would listen to this as I got ready for school. Favorite track: City Of Angels.
AfroSlice thumbnail
AfroSlice "So I teach, and I rock the mic."
Dope album. Favorite track: City Of Angels.
sd71000 thumbnail
sd71000 Intense storytelling--Mega Ran really crafts a rap masterpiece with Language Arts. I was blown away by the end. Great, great stuff. Favorite track: Hip Hop Chick.
Paul Bunyan
Paul Bunyan thumbnail
Paul Bunyan Mega Ran's epic album/ graphic novel is complete with the phenomenal wordplay and fantastic compositions from a slew of prducers like Richie Branson, K-Murdock, DJ DN3 and others. The title track says it all in the day of the life of the teacher/rapper/hero- Mega Ran! The production on this track is the highlight of the first volume of this unfolding saga. Favorite track: Language Arts (1st Day of School).
Jonathan Killstring
Jonathan Killstring thumbnail
Jonathan Killstring This is an amazing Hip-Hopra album, and as far as I know, the only rap record to come with a side-scrolling video game alongside its release.

Good times. Favorite track: Language Arts (1st Day of School).
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Random's long-awaited highly conceptual album, loosely based on the life of the TeacherRapperHero. All 3 Volumes in one downloadable album! Each CD has unreleased bonus tracks that do not appear anywhere else! *note: The LA Soundtrack is NOT included but is available at


released May 22, 2012

Executive Produced by Random and the hundreds of awesome Kickstarter backers. Album mixed and recorded by Melvin "DN3" Raymond at The Kennel 3.0 for One Beagle Music. Album Mastered by Kyle Murdock of Neosonic Productions. All songs written by Random except where otherwise noted.


all rights reserved



Mega Ran Philadelphia

“Mega Ran's proven he can excel in storytelling, punchlines, poignancy, freestyling and, well, pretty much any other way you can measure an MC.”

— LA Weekly

An incredible impromptu "freestyle" MC, Ran's unique combination of fantasy and introspective hip-hop has found its way all over the world, into leading press outlets and most recently, into the Guinness Book Of World Records.
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Track Name: Buggin' (The Metamorphosis)
My name is Gregor, I live with my parents
this year they're celebrating 20 years of marriage
and my sis Greta? yeah, we get along pretty well
but she's on lockdown, sort of like the city jail
she plays the violin, a true virtuoso
and i'm not an expert, but I just know so
anyway I must've been having a bad dream
I was sweating and wrestling like I was just tag teamed
and after all the fussing and squirming
I woke up transformed into a monstrous vermin
looked in the mirror--I can't believe what I'm seeing
an 8-legged bug, I used to be a human being!
now this is a headspinner, I can't go to work like this,
but can't stay home, I'm the breadwinner
so I'm getting back in the bed,
sooner or later we'll see that this is all in my head,
i hope

I can't believe what has happened to me
I'm a bug that no one is happy to see
I don't think it could get any worse than this
this, is... the metamorphosis

I was awakened from my nap by a knock on the door
it was loud; startled me so I fell over on the floor
I heard--"Gregor, wake up!"--it was my boss the chief clerk
his slogan is "you get vacation when you're six feet in dirt
see I'm a traveling salesman, but he's just lazy
Instead of coming here, he could've replaced me
And so I ask, "yessir what do you want?"
and he responded with "Open this door at once!"
and so I did, and when he saw this grotesque sight,
he screamed, and proceeded to run for his life
and my parents and my sister were there too,
too shocked to scream, but they shoo me right back in the room
shut the door, and I just sit up on the ceiling
where I spend the rest of my days, thinking and chilling
thank God for Greta who brings me food
and recognizes, vermin gotta eat too


Since I'm an insect and I can't work
it's about time for the family to prove their worth
'cause it's the only ay that we can keep the house we've got
so my Pop gets a job at the valet lot
Greta and mom work too so they got no time
to bring me milk and those used watermelon rinds
so if I need it, I guess I've gotta go for self
I can go to the fridge, I don't need any help
but as I got to the kitchen I heard a key in the latch
it was Dad, in his hand were a bushel of apples;
he threw each one at me, it landed on my back
got stuck, made a gash, as I tried to make a dash
to the room, i'm in pain, the only thing that could soothe me
was Greta on violin, but she got new on me
went back to my room, met my demise
my family was relieved and went on with their lives...

Track Name: BONUS: Language Arts (EOM Remix)
Produced by EOM.
Track Name: Everything (feat. Tina Estes)
You know I never thought I'd see the day when doin it the easy way,
Would leave me pondering an escape from the very Dream I chased
My favorite student knew it from the second that I'd seen his face
That I would never see the place
Again after I leave today,
yet I tried to run the routine as usual,
But when the realization that's its over gets through to you,
there aint much that you can do
Try to pretend, that I am not at the end
But I ain't got any friends,
So I gotta pretend, head on my desk, im nodding again
but-- on everything I love and cherish
I'd rather go out like Aerith
than to watch my dream just perish, blame my parents
I put my all in to them students put my all into the music
Told myself I'd never sell 'em short as long as I could do it
at a level higher - higher
heard that a servant can't call 2 different people sire, sire
so i had to spread my wings
pack my things, chase my dream, break off clean,
stuck in the groove
cuz there aint no need to fight when there ain't nothing to prove,
so walking away is your best move
no more khakis and dress shoes
calculated like chess moves
Now or Never..lets move
momma, know I love you but I gotta be a man
did it your way, so I gotta do it mine
left those childish ways behind,
if I don't try, I'mma lose my mind
Here goes..
Just what WE need,
Another rapper,Telling kids,
That they can do the same
Leave a 9-5 and defy the odds,
And if you work real hard you can rule the game
That's foolish mayne, funny how you can give every-thing that you have,
Tell your story, and still they get it misconstrued; only heard the good half
I suppose, You know how the game goes,
loot bring a playa much love
In the club, buyin up all the champagne,
high on designer drugs
You wasn't there when I put in my notice, yet you wanna speak as if you know my motives and you wanna speculate on my new focus, but you wasn't ready when I was approached with this vision to transition out of this life
and I reached out and you stabbed my back with a knife and you- told me I'd never succeed and I guess--that we disagreed on the look of success cuz you pictured money and yachts, running the block, while my plan was not to spit fire but to inspire kids to fly, whether they want to or not,
Even if I fail this test
Lord knows I tried my best,
Carefully ordered my steps,
But I still can't shake this stress
Sold my land and all my dreams,
Hit that field and sowed my seed
Cuz this faith is all I need,
So here goes everything
i sowed the seed
i plowed the field
Took every chance
missed opportunity
and i crossed the sea
i crowned the king
sold all my land
so here goes everything...
do not remember my words, for they were only my thoughts
and not reflections of what had truly been placed on my heart
do not remember my lessons, cause whatever I taught
came from a text on a desk and is just a miniscule part
of what it means to exist, so remember my wish
remember the courage it took for me to take such a risk
do not remember my rhymes and what i wrote on a page
and what i did on a mic, or i performed on a stage
do not remember my beats, or remember my skill
just remember my passion and how I made you feel
how i bottled my emotion just to spill it in a verse
how i did what everybody thought of once, and did it first
get a nurse, cause I'm suffering and no one knows the cure
but i do, and it's simple all I need is a little bit more
more devotion more dedication
more hunger more education
cause stagnation is death
and though I know heaven's watin
when its over ---gotta say i did my all, lived my call,
stood up tall, and did not fall, did not fall
and no accolade can quench this fire i got inside
call it farewell for now but no, it's not goodbye
cause yo, the time has come, to lift my hands,
close my eyes, spread my wings
take that leap, for everything.. (everything? ) everything.
the time has come, to lift my hands,
close my eyes, spread my wings
take that leap, for everything.. (everything? )
so here goes everything..
i sowed the seed
i plowed the field
Took every chance
missed opportunity
and i crossed the sea
i crowned the king
sold all my land
so here goes everything...