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Notorious R​.​A​.​N: Ready To Live

by Mega Ran

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When it comes to sets never claimed em, only flamed em gave them, nothing but the rawness, regardless the artist, formerly known as random burning mics like they was trees from Branson and not richie, shifty, quickly, brothers wanna hit me if they rip me, dress my body and wrap me like a Swami I leave no doubt like stefani lyrical Dalai Lama, Problem Solver, I fly to Ghana calm ya nerves, kicking wackness to the curb I don’t hold grudges, I give you what you deserve Now they wanna ask how I chart with this put heart in this, I’m sharp, gold cartridges My darts is just *spectacular, when I'm rapping, I'm Keeping the Heaters , that’s cause he’s the Grand champ, dmx before the cases I'm in Vegas placing wagers on them Circus Circus tables, uh you know SCRATCHING Lyrically I'm First things first, I mega, freaks all the samples, ample, I wax like candles, Or the man who, wrote Rosanna, I'm like manna, you know Spiritual nourishment, for you cats who need encouragement - uh, Furnish it, just feng shui, no gunplay Used to rock the kia music -- switched to Hyundai Cause y'all don't know how to act Can't bring the payments down low Peep the funk flow Really doe, got the meanest ya haven't seen it I'm in Phoenix with Felix feeling fiendish Stroke of genius - I come in pieces broken kit-kats Run the streets, while you sit back, waiting for success to come gift wrapped No - no it ain't happening Ran dazzling your career is unraveling Battling a bit still - some wounds never heal true spitter for real, ask the rest of the Guild (Scratching) 87 I was on the block reciting Robocop 97, I would stop whenever biggie smalls rhymed 07, I was nervous preparing my first drop Now In 2017 it's about that time There i is- major league like Charlie sheen Low down, dirty rotten, now easily forgotten No options like quarterbacks under pressure, The top dresser Brock lesnar - a lot fresher Wit Kils on the pads, I don't think they ready for it, But can't ignore it, we keep it tighter that a corset, Your plans are thwarted- The microphone I use is cordless I play a show with you, that's not always an endorsement AZ to t-dot, we rock the hardest, No garbage - most rap Artists y'all are my targets Lyrically I'm supposed to set it off So don't call me a client - I'm the mother effin boss what
My reign on the top, long like Durants arms Lead the league with the steez whatever team I be on, I been the Bomb at every Comic con Nerd rap phenomenon- black bomber - Attract drama- wit wack rhymers Y'all gotta - step ya game up, Get ya weight up Cats wanna know how I came up, Battling at the gathering - of course traveling, An Altered Beast im off the leash Don't fall for these Rookie cats with they store bought raps They just shady, ask int80, Ain't no telling where we may be Might see me at E3, Or WWE in several countries, It's a New Day Soon as you think you know I switch it up, Freestyles are better than your best written stuff Rick Astley - rap we gone l never give it up Sammus, they can't stand us, It's happening like we planned it Rhymes master locked - didn't think I'd take it past the block Was getting used to being the laughing stock went from "who you again" to "please be my friend" to arigato gozaimas and please take my yen so Jesus, take the wheel Its gettin deep like a Navy Seal- for real DN3 got the beats, and we back in the lab Witnesses be like "it happened so fast" when I see ya imma (Sammus) Kick In The Door, playing some nerdcore (EyeQ) all you heard was I don't wanna rap no more (4x) On ya marks get set, when I start to wreck It's like Parks And Rec, gotta Treat Yo Self We Don't need no help, people's champ need no belt, pull ya pants-up, ask what, Kinda rhymer, gotcha, rethinking even your packaging - release date it's not happening drop unexpectedly like bad scaffolding See my Problem is if y'all ain't Sayin it, then I ain't playing it, Won't give you publishing, my upbringing is uplifting- son, you must be a republican Rhymes are so conservative- Lukewarm cats get spit out, gotta go, either you hot or cold, so get out. Even graphics are weak, man you might need a plan B Hit up Danji, the boys got skills Or Flocco, pronto ran hold court like Hondo Conscience of your nonsense In 88, spun on cardboard and read about Squanto Crack open a book- I Hate y'all too Rather be in carribean sands with Rachel Stay true even if they gone hate you Dont wanna be worshipped, who cares if the words sick, You cursed it but still rehearsed it no time for these kids They fighting to be the man, I'm fighting for people around the world to even know what this is, Ain't no other kings of this nerd thing they siblings, equally related and properly rated They hate it, cause they used to be on top of this, Took home Forever Famicom listened and copied it Now they on some nerdy tip, retelling game plots But biting ain't hot and it never will be Dudes kill me Thinking they reinvented the wheel, Can't replace the original if he doin it still My maneuvers is ill, puttin boots to the grill, scale like mode 7 - blowing like Note 7 Reppin and go gettin until I approach heaven The Tri state, is where snakes hang like live bait, Hoping for a catch throwback, Mitchell and ness they light weight, frag illy you look silly Sitting sideways Arizona is my state Wanna get froggy then why wait High stakes when we (Sammus) Kick In The Door, playing some nerdcore (EyeQ) all you heard was I don't wanna rap no more (4x)
I'm sitting in the whip dreaming about 20 acre estates, Ruth chris steaks and how to sell records like drake I'm on the road tryna get to a show No speed limit posted so I'm taking it slow, Trying to memorize a couple of lines switch the set last minute like I do sometimes. I get a call from my man Roq, from the block, telling me a rumor that made my heart stop- what the deal? RoQy: What the hell,the cops slain Dante and Jemel, on Broadway, the car frame concave from the shells it was eerie... (Ran) Wow now I'm mad and im getting depressed but tell me weren't those guys yelling and resisting arrest? (RoQy) Don't be apathetic, ya act like theyre in traffic flexing, they're on camera asking question, harrassed by the damned detective aggressive, demands incessant, end up killed by a pig like Stannis brethren the captain said that he grabbed the weapon treacherous, they'll morgue a dude before the morning news Ran I'm warning you, it's BLM bruh careful when you rollin through... (Ran) Damn they really doing brothers like that? (DJ DN3) (Man I wish it wasn't true but you can check the stats man) (Ran) I mean, damn they really doing brothers like that? DN3 (Aight get up of this phone I'mma hit u right back) (Roqy) They heard about the nerdy rap songs and the Capcom if you're flashed on, livestream (Ran) Word aight, peace - Back on track, straight away so I clear through til of course I see flashing lights through my rear view, Thought about smooth talk but I'm not gone try I'm blasting Isaac Hayes hoping that he walk on by Pulled me over by a gas station, I'm being mad patient, insurance was due, did I make my last payment? My license and plates are up to date Maybe you cant tail gate too close in this state He probably gonna ask about Contra band, Highway patrol cats can be some monsters man Porn stashes and corny glasses, flaunting badges, intimidation tactics pray this ain't Gone be tragic He sitting in the car didn't even come out He probably waiting thinking imma go and throw gun Out, huh I think of Alton, and Eric Garner and Sandy Bland As I'm preparing to exit the mini van, yeah, There's gonna be a lot of viewers watching And fewer options If this cop decides to do some poppin, It's like I'm tryna set a record How many times can I be pulled over without getting arrested It's the ones that tell jokes witcha Seen ya picture Then they turn the sirens on to try to get ya Betcha Ran won't slip, I stay cool as a fan I know my rights, imma stick to the script Finally he steps out to come towards me Hand on his side arm like he about to floor me I take a deep breath, my license in my hand, straight shook, contemplating going live on Facebook Keys out the ignition and I'm shaking where I'm sittin, wishing this encounter doesn't end in prison, Wow now what's the backup for, All purpose war,thinking put the foot to the floor I'm not runnin, cause I ain't do nothing Hold on I think he's finally coming...
Re-Introducing the Black Nerd cat from illadel Middle class kid in last place but livin well Yeah I switch locales but the hood still in me I look friendly, but go 0 to 60 in a jiffy You get me? Grew up on Biggie and Nas Ra's lines leave a crowd paralyzed like Droz, No shots, but I'm coming from the attitude era Bathroom passes, cutting classes, droppin acid Far from Placid, the outcome is tragic, But pressure make diamonds so we gone make a classic You know my steelo, the rap keynote Speaker with the gold voice so you ain't got no choice - but to listen, when I'm spittin Navi of the alley Never had a caddy, keep my domepiece nappy Construction timbs, and champion hoods Survived the roughest blocks like only a champion could Uh Lord have mercy Jesus Christ he's just nice he just slice, like he emeril Shine like emerald They green wit envy Fresh kils sent me to set it on MC's No grief, every body get a piece The obese nerd rapper from the east The rap lines - hard to find press rewind if you feelin it, You still ain't gettin it, what are you an idiot? Hot damn yo Here we go again Sound like it's 94 again And we goin in Like we seen an opening Mega Ran fresh kils and you know we gonna win win Phill: Live from Phoenix, Arizona, tag the corner And off the top rope, Ianding on ya "Oh Yeah" Like the Macho man, in the past Got an elbow lined up to snap ya'll in half I’m going global, from Japan to Germany They heard of me, my man big Ran, wanted a word from me You want me over this beat? (Yeah give it the third degree. So work with me) Assuredly, my style fit it perfectly, I’m from the land where the sun abundant, from the desert To the mountain summits, where the falcons plummet Getting love to let my mouth runnith, over I told ya Who want it, who ready to die, steady the eye (Slow down Phil you killing em) I'm building, the skills To fill, pavilions, this beat, I'm trying to kill it In an instant, for instance, the inference, I'm spitting At a speed faster than windsprints, leaving an imprint Chorus 2x
Ran: I know how it feel to wake up caked up, Everything love-ly then suddenly a pay cut People look at you like it's your fault Bills don't stop so now you gotta do your part We Products of tough schools chasing Money and truck jewels, taught that was the only way to bust through Like these shorties in Virginia, put a couple hollows in ya - leave ya laying by the river just to prove that they was some hittas. Hit uncle bobby didn't even need to rob em - if they asked he would probably gave his last to anybody 2 families broken, damage irreparable Hasn't been the same since I doubt that it ever will Can't help thinking if somebody woulda told em, they were kings and then showed em/ The direction they would go in Cause GED, wasn't RAN, PH.d or bust, I was always in Some kinda summer program in the burbs Kuhn Day Camp Props to the parents who try to do all they can Cuz yo- I said it before and said it again, The Only real gangsters are in federal pens Or dead on a whim, it's a game you never can win pick another vocation to be competitive in And Catch it if you can like the gingerbread man Success is always the plan, but man Hook The struggle is real the struggle is true Sometimes nobody understands the struggle but you But we gotta get right And we gone get by (some how some way some day ) Penny: The school that im from not too many people survived The streets ate them alive too much pride to work a nine to five The way we came up tho im really not surprised A lot of Rage in our blood we decendents of a lost tribe And i can only speak on mines when i tell my story Had to make a buck fast since i was a shorty No glory in the struggle but it taught me how to hustle Be slicker than hair greese and slide up out of trouble I rather wake up early so i can get a fresh start Theres no mercy in this world so u gotta have a strong heart You gotta pay your bills, you gotta feed your kids u cant make no excuses u just handle biz Develop mental calus so my thoughts are never weak Im taking chances with my freedom everyday up on these streets Some people never understand they life is in a bubble So ima tell the story of my everyday struggles Chorus (2x) Jermiside: too many things that tear my heart, don't know where the start/ try to never spare a dart, so yo lemme share a part/ hard when you glare around and everywhere you stare is dark/ should i leave it unsaid? or everything is fair in art?/ fears of the unknown that hover like a canopy/ how can it be I'm trying but feel I’m failing my family/ whether if I hustle with mics or move mechanically/ all the strife larger than life just like a manatee/ staring at the vanity, I zone/ while fighting with myself to keep my sanity and tighten up my home/ wishing I could maybe brighten, even lighten up dome/ brain clashin like a titan as writing up a poem/ I'm getting paid penny, mistakes I made many/ but still I gave plenty jewels ain't no slave in me/ gotta play to win, when the walls caving in/ gotta fight hard just like a lifeguard saving men/
I kick flows for ya, rip mad shows for ya Even leave wifey sick Alone at home for ya Brothers think this that easy life Homie picture that on the Snapchat, Then Filter that - it difficult in fact Lay the game down quite flat But this day wasn't like that November a couple months back These kinda choices that we got make me wanna get Bush back- I'm messing witchu The election of the century I remember like yesterday, I'm up in Minnesota, THe tour almost over Ridin through middle America reading these trump signs Me and Lars laughing like they out they mind, ha... Turns out, The team Spent a couple mill Throw a 5 in front, Called hilLary Conniving stunt Y'all ride with Trump Rather deal with her Ain't no fear in her But What about Benghazi huh? She giggled, thinking she had it in the bag> Never thinking of the possibility of coming last Advisors like man you better talk to em Last debate put a spark to em Now the scenery is lookin dark to em But he got heart to em, tape leaking dirty parts to em All- bad I'm praying this stops as the date gets closer Women saying that he groped her It's getting gross-uh! Thankfully it's almost a wrap Worst campaign in history they both fall flat We on stage just- cool as a fan, mics in hand Know they won't elect that man But they can and they will though Im tryna chill though Even though these results are looking kinda ill yo I keep singing all the songs I wrote Thinking bout most of the homies that I know don't vote, And how I hustled from the road to get my absentee ballot in No doubt in my mind this cat won't win 1130 the results looking shaky Trump winning the west coast we can't escape eem Same dude who put his name on steaks Ran a campaign tryna make America great And they bought it, even lost the popular vote But got the electoral college man this ain't no joke "Give him a chance they said" Discriminating in housing "Give him a chance they said" Fake school scammed thousands "Give him a chance they said" But his cabinets racist And this who gone bring us to greatness? Sigh. Anyway, I got to move from the screen Every 3 seconds I'm swearing this is a bad dream -> Grab the keys to the whip put the merch in as well, Bring some weed I got a story to tell (scratches) Y'all ain't gone believe this man Remember Donald trump? The dude from the apprentice? Caught a stone cold stunner at wrestlemania? Yooo son is the president b.. yeah man


Twenty years to the day of the tragic murder of rapper The Notorious B.I.G. Mega Ran offers this heartfelt creative tribute to the man they called Biggie. Ran and producers Fresh Kils and DJ DN3 cleverly re-sample the classic B.I.G. bangers, adding new lyrics and perspective to the sounds of the legendary MC.

Narrated by Ran's childhood friend, "Notorious R.A.N" revisits the feeling, the rhymes and the charm of the fallen hip-hop hero, while continuing Mega Ran's track record of stellar releases.

Catch Mega Ran on tour with MC Lars:

2/28 Brooklyn at Knitting Factory Brooklyn
3/1 Allston, MA at Great Scott
3/2 Philadelphia at MilkBoy
3/3 Baltimore at Metro Gallery
3/4 Virginia Beach VA at Shaka's Live
3/5 Chapel Hill, NC at @Local 506
3/7 Nashville, TN at Rocketown
3/8 Atlanta GA at 529
3/9 Tampa FL at Crowbar
3/10 Orlando FL at BACKBOOTH
3/11 Gainesville FL at HIGH DIVE
3/12 Baton Rouge at Spanish Moon
3/13 Dallas at The Curtain Club
3/14 Houston at The Secret Group
3/21 El Paso at The Lowbrow Palace
3/22 Phoenix at Last Exit Live
3/23 Los Angeles at Hi Hat
3/24 San Francisco at Bottom of the Hill Bar and Grill
3/25 San Jose at AFKgg Gamer Lounge


released March 9, 2017

Tracks produced by Fresh Kils and DJ DN3
Skits recorded by James "JC" Coleman, Jr
Mixed by Fresh Kils at The Kilzone, Toronto, ON
Artwork by Eric Medina of NERDS Clothing, LLC
Scratches by Uncle Fester and Crate Crusaders


all rights reserved



Mega Ran Phoenix, Arizona

“Mega Ran's proven he can excel in storytelling, punchlines, poignancy, freestyling and, well, pretty much any other way you can measure an MC.”

— LA Weekly

An incredible impromptu "freestyle" MC, Ran's unique combination of fantasy and introspective hip-hop has found its way all over the world, into leading press outlets and most recently, into the Guinness Book Of World Records.
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