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by Mega Ran

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To prepare you for Season Two of the hit series "Stranger Things," rapper Mega Ran crafts 7 unique character-based tracks. Pay what you want, even $0.

Production by Isidor, DEADLIFE and Lynx Kinetic
Mixed by Michael Gamarano
Artwork by Mega Ran


released October 27, 2017

Production by:


Lynx Kinetic:


Scratches and cuts by DJ Reflekshin.

Artwork by Eric Medina of NERDS Clothing




Mega Ran Philadelphia

“Mega Ran's proven he can excel in storytelling, punchlines, poignancy, freestyling and, well, pretty much any other way you can measure an MC.”

— LA Weekly

An incredible impromptu "freestyle" MC, Ran's unique combination of fantasy and introspective hip-hop has found its way all over the world, into leading press outlets and most recently, into the Guinness Book Of World Records.
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What in the world is the Upside Down
I don't know but I must find out
And it's not about Will this time but a means to survive
and I love my town,
Hawkins Indiana, any town USA
And nothing's been the same since that one fateful day
A year ago, the story you probably know
The Hawkins Lab, hatching strange plans down below
And chief Hopper- leaving something inside a locker
Could he know where eleven is and maybe how to stop her?
Will Byers returned and everything now seems to be back-
To normal better be sure cause Hawkins can't afford a relapse
So many gone and yet so much we need clarity on
So my advice is be cautious and tread carefully on
These grounds because everything has now changed
Parallel worlds and open phenomena unexplained
This is the story of 4 friends and how they move forward
In a world that's been twisted and distorted
The past has been reported, and future Danger Brings
The brave closer together- as they face stranger things
Then they could ever imagine
New adventures to Uncover and discover
All they truly have is each other.
As teenagers,
Curiosity is human nature
We come as friends but leave as
Strangers. (2X)

As teenagers
We are naturally some Hell raisers
Track Name: MIKE
Every gang needs a leader I guess it's me
I don't make the rules I guess its destiny
Every gang needs a leader I guess it's me
Here I go leading my team to victory

Master of dungeons, crashing the function
I always step up when they're lacking the gumption,
And not for myself but the good of the whole
When the drama unfolds I take the controls
I Make contact with the heathkit,
Accidentally uncovered a secret
Luckily I play D&D frequent
So the pattern and sequence i peeped it
They has a weakness
We meet at Mirkwood,
I'm the middle child so they always assume I'm up to no good
Started journaling up in my notebook
I was so shook
But There was just something about El,
Made me trust her, when the homies would doubt el
Knew the bad men would probably scout El,
And they wouldnt leave Hawkins without El
No time for chilling, the villains is winning and killing the children and we just here sitting
Lucas is trippin my buddy is missing
And No one will listen
I'm here catching feelings
We shared a kiss at Snow Ball,
I thought I lost her, it was a close call
Yet.. im proud to call you a friend
And I hope and pray that I see you again
The end.....
Track Name: DUSTIN
blue and white SnapBack
Walkie in my backpack
Never back Track
Science kings we some lab rats
I'm all about peace but go to war for my peeps
In a second, teach a lesson if you talking bout my teeth,
I'm a little heavy set - that's because I like to eat,
And if you should need directions well you need to ask me
Cause they call me compass genius, I make every journey seamless,
Even the back routes so that one can see us,
My team is pretty awesome, as you probably should know
Won the Hawkins science fair a couple times in a row
But who's counting? We all do pretty well I supposed
Mr Clarke told us never keep a door to knowledge closed
Sensory deprivation,
Instant gratification
We're probably responsible for Saving civilization-
Just saying
And I can count 11 different ways
We amaze and astound, check the sound gimme praise
High 5' nobel prize by 85
Even Hawkins PD, Say we live run and hide
Demogorgon to Thesselhydra
We just surprise ya
You gettin tighter no worries it's time Get you higher
You feel climate change when we walk in
Local legends the dudes who saved hawkins
Dustin Henderson not hoffman
But we rain (reign) man.. putting chumps in coffins
Track Name: WILL
My name's will and I got caught...

that's it.
Track Name: LUCAS
I don't sweat nothing I'm keeping it moving
Nothing can stop us cause I got a rocket
And trust me I'm nice with the shootin
I talk a good game and I prove it,
I'm never losing
Hop on my bike with my walkie and my music boomin
Don't try to play me cuz I am not stupid
Ask my name and ill tell u it's Lucas...

You don't know why I'm tripping
But man it's hard when you're different
And everyone around thats supposed
To be protecting you isn't
It's like your minds in a prison
And you think never again
Will you trust anyone ever
*Then you meet 3 friends
That take you in like a family
Finally calm your insanity
trying to do the right thing can just
Sap the Humanity
*It's like I never really knew what happened
It's tough adapting to being the only black friend
Play sports and they stereo type you
Make good grades so the teachers like you
Shine too brightly and kids wanna fight you
keep your eyes peeled don't let nothing surprise you
That's why I couldn't trust eleven initially
Past insecurities were Letting it get to me
Recalled when I was lonely I remember the misery >
Flipped it like a cassette and now the rest is history

Ready for war this is how we gonna stop it
Fool proof plan, backed up by Wrist rocket
From his flesh we gotta take a deposit
Demogorgon are no match for Scientific logic
Got it ready to score on first down
Do em like Ness did in that game earthbound
No wasted movement, Make haste and do this
Make em look foolish
(what's my name?) Lucas

I don't sweat nothing I'm keeping it moving
Nothing can stop us cause I got a rocket
And trust me I'm nice with the shootin
I talk a good game and I prove it,
I'm never losing
Hop on my bike with my walkie and my music boomin
Don't try to play me cuz I am not stupid
Ask my name and ill tell u it's Lucas...
Track Name: ELEVEN
10 before me, who knows who's after,
The Gate I opened it, And closed the chapter,
Palindromic, the one they read about
Hurt my family, they tried to keep us out
We got no sleep, recovered at slow speeds
Telekinesis- it Gave me Nosebleeds
Sick experiments, a calming Doctor
twisted my brain made us call him papa

He was so comforting, I would look up to him
Cause bodily harm to any who come for him
Tried to make me a spy, in a psychic state
I didn't even have to try didn't like his face
Signals distorted, data unsupported
Experiment aborted
An escape route in plain sight,
So one late night I would hit a drain pipe
Like Mario but peep the scenario
In the woods but I got so Far to go
And to Benny Hammond I'm so sorry yo
Got you caught up in a world you knew nothing bout
Traced me to your place of business and just snuffed you out
If I would've known better I'd have took another route,
The men that wanna find me were bad
I recognized will from the paper photograph
Heard about a woman that might've been my mother
Abducted by the others, body never discovered
All I know is hurt, all I know is pain,
All these evil thoughts, clogging up my brain
Brahms Lullaby, keep the rage nullified
Calms the Urge to make the bad side come alive
My gang come through, 4 guys on their velo's
Eyes on the payload - Box full of eggos
My work never done -
So whatever comes-
We just Suck it up, and stay on the run
Live like today tomorrow will never come -
got another 1

and another one

and another one

tell DJ Khaled we got another one

V-E-N yeah.
Track Name: HOPPER
Hopper gonna break em off proper
I'm a copper not a doctor
Not the brightest or the best on the roster
But I'm doin what I gotta

I see Sara when I'm looking in the mirror,
Waking up in cold sweats from the night terrors
I know I made so many mistakes
But I pay for em daily think I'm ready to break
Since the divorce life's been spinning off course
Next week makes 4 years on the force
Pills in the bottle, bottle in the dashboard
Is An easy way out too much to ask for?
I should've done right by Diane like a man
So when I heard the kids had a plan..
I saw it as a sign, maybe some kinda second chance
Finally a moment where the town could advance
Made a pact to uphold the law
But if you could've seen the things that I saw
You would understand why I made the call
Cause a life is a life, man no matter how small
Too late for my daughter but the rest got time still
Lab on lockdown, still can't calm down
grab my bolt cutter and my nine mill
If we make it out of this it'll be Devine will
Let off a blast from the chopper
Turnin monsters into cannon fodder
Bout to make em take the L like a jobber...
Welcome to Hawkins Home of the Hopper