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TeacherRapperHero Vol. 2: Two Weeks Notice (mixed by DJ DN³)

by Mega Ran

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2nd mixtape of Random's career, mixed by the everpresent DJ DN³


released June 14, 2011

Random, aka Mega Ran is ready to claim the title of hardest working man in hip-hop after releasing his new mixtape "TeacherRapperHero Vol 2: The 2 Week Notice" today.

Ran was known as everyone's favorite teacher-slash-rapper, but he quit the teaching profession this month, citing a need to "spread his wings."

Career suicide? Maybe. But Ran is determined to go down swinging.

Fresh off the runaway success, "Black Materia," which was based on the hit video game Final Fantasy VII, Ran returns to his roots as a conscious emcee on this one, speaking on the flaws of the education and justice systems, but maintains the fun and the video game references that have made him successful.

Guests include Philly legends Reef the Lost Cauze and Icon the Mic King, the AZ supergroup Writer's Guild (Roknowledge, RoQy TyRaiD, Mr. Miranda and Pennywise--rapping over Metroid nonetheless),int80 of Dual Core, and even award winning composer Bear McCreary (Battlestar Galactica and more) and is mixed by DN3, who also produces and rhymes on the project.

download the album (free or a fee--contact us for a press copy) at

The touching first single "Limitless," and it's video are here.

Also, catch Random's adventures as an educator turned musician in the weekly web series "Life After Lesson Plans."

Episode 7:

mixed by DN³. Production by DN³, Random, Roca Dolla, Haj of Dumhi, Hexsagon, K-Murdock, Real Soon, and more. art by Hexsagon.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Mega Ran Philadelphia

“Mega Ran's proven he can excel in storytelling, punchlines, poignancy, freestyling and, well, pretty much any other way you can measure an MC.”

— LA Weekly

An incredible impromptu "freestyle" MC, Ran's unique combination of fantasy and introspective hip-hop has found its way all over the world, into leading press outlets and most recently, into the Guinness Book Of World Records.
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Track Name: Outta Love
They Say "I love it when you tell a story..."
So I'll tell you of a hero who fell from glory
Who's trying to live his dream before he hits his 40's
would you hang on every word, or would you just ignore me..huh?
Track Name: Kia Music Part 2
According to Kia Motors, the name "Kia" derives from the Korean words ki ("to come out")
and a (which stands for Asia), it is roughly translated as "arise or come up out of Asia"
More literally, Kia is a Persian name meaning king, protector, and defender,
which may also to attribute homage to over 2500 year legacy of Persian monarchy and
civilization at the cultural crossroads of the Silk Road that historically
connected East and West. This is Kia Music.

Yeah, my leather cream guts drive ya whole scene nuts
who else could make such affordability seem plush
on star, seats fluffed like a porn star
30 mpgs that ensures that i'm goin far
I know cats wit better whips, but they can't afford it
man i could cop a sportage and still pay my mortgage
on time, anti lock brakes stoppin on a dime
push it outta stage for shows, when I'm on the grind
never been afraid to take her out a long distance
24-7 got roadside assistance,
Sorento, Amani, but I prefer the optima
"That got discontinued, son," guess it wasn't popular
but i ride it till the wheels buckle
wanna floss but a brother got bills so i still scuffle
them clowns leasin, thats why they aint been around recent
spend that money on a mix, make ya sound decent
or some graphics that'll make ya dream attainable
Hexsagon, Rodrigo just to name a few >
i aint here to play wit you - aint no time for ramblin
next year i might just chop the top, Anne Boleyn
i know them suckas don't want ran to win
so when they kia pull up they all scramblin.. Kia Music, what

every body knows... how the story goes
money and the clothes... they gone come and go
but guess who stays the game.... the car dont make the maynnnnne
and this music

Kia Motors sponsors the following sports teams, events and athletes:

the WNBA
Surrey County Cricket Club
2010 FIFA World Cup
Vans Warped Tour
Rafael Nadal
Australian Open
LPGA Kia Classic and the National Basketball Association

though it is not proven that any professional athletes actually drive KIAs.

i told her its the official car of the NBA
Shorty almost quit me over it
she wasn't buyin it till all star weekend
You seen Blake Griffin jump over it
i pull up and it's overwit
literally, cus i'm driving home alone in this
all good, cuz i bet your payments aint low as this
you seen the hamsters, crankin that "The Choice Is Yours"
Suicide is wrong, even if its doors,
keep it waxed just to keep up appearance
Pandora runnin, who needs Sirius
Gangstarr station playin loud, got all the hits
Above the Clouds, how I feel when the engine purrs
on the open road, might not be as quick as yours
i dont care about the numbers on the dash board
sticker price is right, what else can you ask for
i wouldnt cop it even if i could afford it
please, teacher rapper baller probably wouldnt get supported
you might as well wear a sign that indict me
Cuz if youre moving drugs why the hell would you record it?
rap is like Queer eye for the Straight guy
cuz the girls don't know if you paid 385
custom kicks custom jeans fancy watches
homes marble floors 4 car garages
yall can go ahead and flaunt your nice objects
but far as rap skill goes, fam i got this..
scared to tell my momma that i quit the job
i'll just do a kickstarter if it gets too hard...
my family got my back and thats some true spit
keep the payments low... and crank up this...
Kia music...
Track Name: The Rock (Remix) feat. Lakai, Jesse Dangerously, Phil Harmonic


Give it up Megaran, Hexsagon he the man
From the States to Japan, Phil will wait for the fans

And plus I got the flow with the hook, minus swag not a crook
On the mic I'm mistook, for a star till you look
Imma Rock to the rhythm, Rock to the rhythm don't stop till it hit em, word, yessir

yo i rock to the rhythm, i walk to the rhythm, i talk to the rhythm with any beat that I'm giving,
no dissing, if your wining and pissing, get up on the mic and show some sort of professionalism,
now listen, ain't new to me, ain't starstruck or ogling at some ugly jewelry.
you get my respect if you re cool with me, or if you re schooling me, all the damn foolery's coming late like truancy.
action packed, i dress how i want, yes out in front with more class then khaki slacks,
i need to start charging fees alot of people make jingles, i make jingles with my keys
its a wake up, from deep in the dreams, freaking the scenes, deleting the teams, a hex beat bringing the stakes up.
this takes alot of hard work, not an overlarge shirt but more of what you re brain can think up.


Jesse Dangerously

Brrrap to the rhythm I rock and get a slow clap
It isn't my fault you didn't know that
The J was raw from your low-watt EZ Bake oven.
So what? We debate nothing. cupcakes and muffins
Dubplates and dozens of club patrons
Grown-ups with nothing to love, gave them
Hugs, hey! Tugs on the sleeves, rug abrasions on the knees
Suckers blazing on the trees was amazing to a younger me
But now they're under me with no chance of over-standing
Where's the love? Jamming with brothers, like an older Hanson
Ha! Holding hands and closing eyes
No-one knows the flows that rise from ocean tides to Nova Scotian skies
Like I do, and I'm too old to fly
Jesse Livingston Seagull, it's messy living with people
Unless they willing to see through the beard and the necktie
Dig underneath the weird and the get-fly, "BIG" from here to Bed-Stuy
Lest I forget, let me crank the Burner
Can I get an A from the teacher? (Ayyy!) *Plus* thank the learner.
We came to take them further in perambulators
Child educator plus head amputator
And you haters better learn to flip the dipswitch
See a few cuties and we turn it up like this quick
Mischief, mayhem, every DJ in the district
Play them. We know them: R L J D and R
A N D O M - amen, elohim;
Hey there, hello friends! Play fair - oh no? Then
Stay there below them! Know when to fold them!
Know when to walk away, and know when to take care with
Old men! Or get LOCKED in a prison where the
PLOT never thickens. Don't STOP til it hit 'em, word!
If you ROCK for the cats, but NOT for the kittens, they will
NOT stay your listeners.


In any clash of the titans, I'll flash with the lightning
Roar thunder, tear the ground asunder, in the land under
Make you wonder if, you gotta play T.R.O.Y., just to reminisce
The remedy, remember this, to each his own is evident, but
I feel we traded intelligence for intent
Belligerent men, telling me my times at an end
Though I cannot accept fully, been tempted to acquiesce
Perhaps it's best, just to get this weight off my chest
But any real spitter knows, you can't put it on hold
Your thoughts mold into rhymes everywhere that you go
The metaphors form fully while you're drinking your Joe
You think about, where in 16's, coffee beans can go
For example, I grind MC's like breakfast blend
It depends, you may not even commit it to pen
Or paper, save it for later, I'm saying my navigator
For most of my life, had to do with touching a mic
While tried to, put it behind it's still right in my sight
No matter what I do, I'm feeling the beats that I like
Calling to me at night, saying Phil get over our fight
Cause other dudes that had me lately they ain't hitting it right
Want the love just for having a gift, that word of mouth
Praise mounts till you're known on sight while out about
Wanna be a respected MC without a doubt
So please, go tell a neighbor or friend what Phil's about


you want it we got it,
We done it for dollars
The Hummers impalas,
But holla at us if you wanna get polished
We punish you rhymers
Who want it wit bomber
I'm hungry for drama
No kinda dishonor,
I am comin behind ya - pause
Spit a flow, Fans call it mean, shorties call it clean,
Have it looking like a Charlie sheen party scene,
Winning-- that's all that I know how to do, I call y'all the bout ta dudes Sayin what u bout to do
Feel like I need a room with malcolm's view
Point the zapper out the window and squeeze when i point out ya crew
My first meetin wit hip hop was Rob base,
Crack heads used to pump it when they buy base,
From the crackhouse across from my place,
I ain't talkin Houstons when I say high stakes,
My Level of skills ahead of the field so I brought hexagon lakai Jesse and phil,
I'm theirry geffery, I fear youll never be, nearly def as me, so clearly, let it be
The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, take a seat and lemme show u how to bless a beat- peep
Track Name: I Wonder Why (prod by Domingo)
As I'm sittin in the Starbucks, siphoning wifi,
reading up on scifi, watching the time fly
Im wondering why they don't want a teacher with vision,
seem like they rather have a tool to read the Teachers edition
Fans say I be coming from a unique perspective, and
Educators say I shouldn't speak this reckless,
but I'm wondering..
I'm wondering

I often wonder why the police harass us, the streets is backwards, they just beat and blast us,
And I know that my insurance and my tags is right
But I still hold my breath when I see flashing lights
I guess I'm not saying anything that hasn't been said
But gotta ask what came first, the chicken or the egg
I wonder...

I wonder why we so worried about gay rights
when we ain't invited to they wedding just stay out they life
What I look like, Condemnin u just for how you love,
Hold u up to Tear you down, then say I do it outta love
Like I'm perfect when i know I'm full of Flaws
I can't hate, cause men and women is dogs, so good luck with that

CHORUS... that stuff wasn't written

I wonder why rappers let themselves get jerked,
Sell tickets to a show, doin the promoters work,
Give the pimp all the cash then he hands you a little,
When u could rent the venue, and cut out the man in the middle it seems simple..
I wonder why folks can hold a grudge on the low,
Post tweets and think that you don't know,

I see you fam...
oh yeah we see you fam..

I used to wonder why less talented artist get shine
Then I learned the game is 90% grind and 10% skill, maybe more like 9
So I stopped hatin y'all and tried focused on mine,
No label to hide behind, I refuse to sign,
now the only thing I wonder now is why I wasted so much time

I wonder why Plaxico caught a longer stretch for shooting himself than Stallworth who caused an innocent death
and I feel like
Mike Vick and Sarah Palin are one in the same,
figure out if they deserve punishment or praise,
We confused like the gay black jewish Klansmen
attempting to promote tolerance and understanding

man its just...
kinda crazy

I wonder why Producers grab some software and good headphones
And call themselves Dj's? and that's a heck no,
And a slap in the face to those who started the culture,
And if you can't rock a party yeah this oughta insult ya
You ain't entitled to a promo copy when you're mixing is oh so sloppy take up another hobby, ahki

more random gibberish, not written...