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Aqua Soul (Robot Love)

from Mega Ran by Random



Aqua Soul (Robot Love) produced by Random
I looooove this song so much. The sample came from Mega Man 8 on Super Nintendo, and 1 thing that was so impressive about the Super NES (besides Mode 7 technology) was the sound that came out of that box. Videogame music had officially changed from this point on. With games like ActRaiser and the Final Fantasy series, Videogame music became as powerful as movie music.

But enough of that, back to the song. I knew I loved the beat, but I wasn’t sure where to go with the concept. This song almost didn’t come about as is. At first it was a deep, introspective piece about the struggle of an indie artist. Then I thought, this is Mega Ran! Nobody wants to be dragged down with my life story. So I was about to trash the song, beat and all. But then I determined that I had to flip the script. If you’re a listener to any of my albums, you’d know that I like to tell stories that continue through multiple songs. So, I know that I wanted a 2-part story to come into play.

I figured since Mega Man was a robot, and wasn’t supposed to love, it’d be pretty crazy for him to fall in love with someone…kinda like a Johnny 5 story (If you remember classic Mega Man, you should remember “Short Circuit”). Turned out that this song not only became one of my favorites, but the one song that people constantly mention when they talk to me about the album.


Yeah yeah, time to get a lil' bit grown up on 'em y'know
Can't stay 8-bit forever, heh
Once in a while you gotta step it up on some 16's y'knahmean?
That's the future right there
Mode 7, scaling and rotation and all that good stuff
Peep this yo

She had jet black hair, height five seven
Caramel complected, body like heaven
I see her every Sunday goin to church
But she don't see me, cause I be too busy with work
But I watch her ignore those ignorant brothers
that only wanna get under covers, she was classy
One day, we was face to face
But I choked (UGH) and let shorty walk right past me
I wasn't even programmed to be smitten
So I can't logically explain the feeling I'm gettin
But I know we can never be (why?)
My career is too dangerous to consider any longevity
She probably like brothers of a different breed
But I know I can give her the affection she needs
But if she ever knew the truth about Ran
I don't think she'd ever understand, so I ain't got a chance

[Chorus: Random]
Cause I'm just a robot, baby I know not, what I'ma do
(I don't know what I'ma do)
Cause darling is so hot, and I just want to, be with you
(I got to be wit'chu)
But I'm just a robot and baby I know not what I'ma do
(I don't know what I'ma do)
Cause darling is so hot, and I just want to, be with you
(So hot... I want to be wit'chu)

I found out Kalinka was her name
Had to get reprogrammed to get her off the brain
Cause I was goin to war in 3 weeks
Dr. Wily's 8 new robots to defeat
I tried to focus, but everything was hopeless
She blew up my spot like Bombman's explosives
And I was on my way to Dr. Light's
I stopped at the light, and who was at my right?
Kalinka, with a big smile on her face
She looked and said "Don't I know you from someplace?"
I said yeah kinda sorta you Dr. Cossack's daughter
Asked her to pull over she said "I don't think I oughta!"
Tried not to come off like a stalker
But I ain't never been too much of a smooth talker
I said from the moment I met you, I felt you
But it's a lot of things I just can't tell you


A couple weeks passed and we kickin it exclusively
Can't seem to put a finger on what she do to me
I talk to the Doc, he got no idea
He didn't give me a heart so I wouldn't have fear
But he told me I should probably stop seein her
'You leavin in three days, you know you can't be with her'
I know, I need to concentrate on the mission
'Too many irons in the fire burn down the kitchen'
I know, I gotta go, got a date at 7:30
And if you late you timely, on time is early
Vrrrrooom, I sped off to meet her at the theatre
Said she'd be out front, but I don't see her
So I went back to my car to sit and chill
Noticed a pink note, hangin on the windshield
It said "I love you but you keep too many secrets
That ain't the kind of guy I wanna be with"

Seems like our hero is in a bit of a jam
Will Mega Ran and Kalinka be together?
Does Dr. Light, sense evil within Kalinka?
Or is he just hating?
Will Mega Ran be ready, for Dr. Wily's latest assault?
Stay tuned Mega fans
For the next exciting episode of... Mega Ran!


from Mega Ran, released June 7, 2007
produced by Random. samples Aqua Man (Mega Man 8)


all rights reserved



Mega Ran Phoenix, Arizona

“Mega Ran's proven he can excel in storytelling, punchlines, poignancy, freestyling and, well, pretty much any other way you can measure an MC.”

— LA Weekly

An incredible impromptu "freestyle" MC, Ran's unique combination of fantasy and introspective hip-hop has found its way all over the world, into leading press outlets and most recently, into the Guinness Book Of World Records.
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