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Bar It Up (feat. Mega Ran)

from MISCELLANEA by Phill Harmonix x Fresh Kils

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It’s been a hot second since I made an attempt
To take a seat, just, cripple any beat as I vent
Been discrete, in the shadow, haven’t had a release
But best believe the skill hasn’t decreased, cause Phil a beast
With it, a Hieroglyph in the sand, future plans drawn
But like a Blizzard exec, remaining hands on
The battle horn, sounds, then I appear
Guaranteed I got the illest shit to drop in the year
And no disrespect to all of my peers, we push each other
To write a verse, everybody rightfully fears
You can find my people under the stairs, they cella dwellers
A perfect match, holding you down, when no-one cares
Look, tend to write what I like, think it’s obvious
Pro-grammer with grammar, alliteration laureate
Every single one of my variants is notorious
And know for laborious, acts before an audience
Rapt, they pay attention, everything that I say
For that respect gained tomorrow, write them lyrics today
I’m saying, it’s like you people forgot, I live in Phoenix
But I’m still the reason cats, know the city is hot
Always give the track whatever I got, you hire me for a verse
Guarantee I’ll try to body your spot
Now listen, I heard that slick talk, it’s ain’t for me
Because I’m everything in talent that you dying to be
And I don’t spend effort, everything I write is for free
You ain’t Invincible, I’m Battle Beast in punishing beats
And few of ya’ll, better than me, please, you Antivaxxers
The only thing denial getting you is deceased
Stupid, rhyme cocky, skills you couldn’t copy, production
Slap harder than Kamotsky, you couldn’t stop me
Been dope, since, producers had to load a sample
Using floppies, entire catalog a working copy
Only drop when it’s time, only write, when I’m feening to rhyme
Only rhyme like a year at a time
You get it, for me the music isn’t therapeutic
It’s like breathing, involuntary, just do it, look
I’m von Neumann when the pens moving
The scope I remain fluent, it’s stays proven
The fluid my veins moving, diffuse the oxygen
My lungs using, to keep brewing, insane music

Mega Ran:
I got sick of people asking “yo where’s Phil Hanson
When I knew that he was still standing, skill advancing
Locked him in a room with Kils, they made a classic
Then asked Ran to sprinkle a dash of black magic
I’m glad to, in fact it kinda felt like I had to
This was the track I attached to
Like Eddie Brock, symbiotic they said it was idiotic
Of the many topics how many time can he say that he got it
Locked with a combo impossible to crack
Writing verses every day till he unstoppable at rap
Rodimus prime the God of the Rhyme
Thinking every year that this’ll be the moment I get tired of the grind
But it never happens, honestly it boggles the mind
Logic defied, how is it so hot every time
Been a Renaissance poet like Cullen and Claude McKay
So how could I ever struggle to find something more to say
Still a cut above, honesty I thought about shutting up,
Silence any challenger that’s thought about running up
No better way I can sum it up,
So I stitched Badman on the back of my pink button up
It feel like Welcome America with the Roots playing
A Card carrying certifiable due paying
Member of a society, that don’t care what you saying
No foundation, just waitin for the roof to cave in
Stepping outta class in ya school clothes
Key around ya neck, home alone till the moon glows
Dad tryna find a gig, mom got two of those
They know you oppose, but they gotta leave you alone
Unstable like a francium isotope,
Too broad to ever be under a microscope,
Hold on to the slightest hope,
That if you put ran in front of a hot mic it’s dope
Rhyme twister, take a hit of the elixir
Find a riddle wrapped inside a mystery of an enigma
Stick ya neck out, I disconnect it then I step out
Guaranteed to get to the bag like self checkout


from MISCELLANEA, released May 6, 2022


all rights reserved



Mega Ran Phoenix, Arizona

“Mega Ran's proven he can excel in storytelling, punchlines, poignancy, freestyling and, well, pretty much any other way you can measure an MC.”

— LA Weekly

An incredible impromptu "freestyle" MC, Ran's unique combination of fantasy and introspective hip-hop has found its way all over the world, into leading press outlets and most recently, into the Guinness Book Of World Records.
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