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by Mega Ran

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Mega Ran

Heavy set ghost...

Shoutout to styles P, you can find me rippin M-I-C's since 9-3

Wearing black like the M-I-Bs - don't mind me

Emcees ain't in my league

You gotta be

At another caliber *to be considered a challenger,

post up while most ducks mimic or parrot ya,

combos of lines, when it hit it embarrass ya

you gone really make me slip and get outta character

Back in the days I was shy and embarrassed

Now what I write in a tablet has got me flyin in Paris

And that's *Whoa..

Rocking the flyest of fabrics

Until I lie in a casket

Remember I am a classic

Now let's go!

Mega taking your breath away

As soon as you pressing play

You be in ecsta-say


Imma Split those bars

Over the Beats hit so hard it remind you of freshman day>>

*Used to want the double XL* now I'm a3X

Used to call me idiot now they calling me genius

I ain't with the BS you see it so you believe it (p)

And ya arms too short to box you like a T-Rex

Fat boy with the retro tees

Got the whole crowd spazzing like they just od'd

Rep yo team, just recognize that we running it

I'm providing the punishment

You deny but you lovin it... ha

P) presidential steez on my jack Tunney

See me on the move now they act funny

No plan tryna get up on my grown man

Who else in the state fund a honeymoon with rap money

Yeah! Spit game rip lames

Dudes are confused like bloods at a knicks game

Shoot the lights out I'm a book a flight now

Just to bump YG in front of the White House

Uh... I never said I'm the greatest

I never said that I made it

I said im only a player

That came in here to make a statement

I don't care where I'm rated

Just come correct with the payment

I bring it to ya like waiters

Dion? Beyond -you a peon

You ain't a rapper

Finally something we agree

Undefeated rap elitist--don't mention me with anyone in Phoenix unless you put greater than between it

I mean it.


if you scared, go to church
I solemnly swear that I been a problem homie
and if you dare, spit that verse
if you scared, go to church
Mega Ran, Kadesh Flow the best flow, what up
and if you dare, spit that verse
cause you aint coming with it, your probably should get committed
or maybe consider quittin,' what up


Work while I eat, and can't sleep
cause while I sleep somebody's getting ahead of me
they try to hang but they're falling behind steadily
Heavily relying every minute that I get to breathe
on drive that survives despite every job that's rescued me

from struggle rapping poverty stricken
Scared of the enemies that I've got to be getting
theoretically in the studio and dropping these disses
hoping the proper attention
will lead to spots at conventions
Or help me top competition
With any contender who's thinking they can knock at me, listen
I've dealt with serpents lurking but I'm never moccasin bitten
Steadily cooking, can you smell it, that's the Rock with the writtens

Guess I'm feeling myself if the kid could surmise a guess
challengers get exploded the way a Tie Fighter gets
when facing the Falcon. Han's gunning yelling "Yes it's great"
Listen homie, I don't mean to get this way
I just zone, and then I lyrically elevate
dangerous and heinous, it's M. Bison when he levitates
Poseidon and trident fighting Odyssean renegades
deep water, oceanic flows I manipulate

I feel Sarlacc hunger, someone's getting ate (up)
I throw plates and stack numbers, lift the weight (up)
The dream is getting stronger, yo this isn't made (up)
I won't get any younger, so I hit it straight


released January 27, 2017
Produced by Yon LI for Beneath The Surface.
Samples "Castle Theme" (Super Mario World) by Koji Kondo


all rights reserved



Mega Ran Phoenix, Arizona

“Mega Ran's proven he can excel in storytelling, punchlines, poignancy, freestyling and, well, pretty much any other way you can measure an MC.”

— LA Weekly

An incredible impromptu "freestyle" MC, Ran's unique combination of fantasy and introspective hip-hop has found its way all over the world, into leading press outlets and most recently, into the Guinness Book Of World Records.
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