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Horror Cypher (feat. NemRaps, Penny The Great & Shao Dow) [prod by Rifti Beats & G1ToTheRescue]

from Ghouls 'N Ghosts 4 by Mega Ran, Richie Branson & Kadesh Flow

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Kadesh (Jason)
Y’all think your safe partying in a good house
Or in the woods, out
Trying to pull your wood out
Ladies I’d advise you put your melons back in
You know that both of y’all dying if you smashin

Sorry not sorry them’s the rules
Anything I improvise to off you is the tools
Snap your neck like rotted branches, toss you in the pool
That you just partied up in on your vacation from school

Violent by nature don’t expect me to apologize
Surgical with it. machete could leave you lobotomized
But I’d prefer to use something to chop your hyde
Too much height to you and I’ll leave you a proper size

I’m not here to help no Casey Jones
Instead I tally body counts like its Ovechkin making goals
And it will not take me nearly as long to take the gold
I’ll proudly confess to all of it. word to H.H. Holmes

Doesn't matter if you’re skinny or you’re hearty
Next time just invite me to your party
Imagine me downing tequila shots still rocking my mask getting sloppy
I’m a professional. This ain’t a hobby

Shao Dow (Freddy)
If you're yawning, you won't be here in the morning,
appear without warning,
I can torture while you're snoring love the pain and endorphins,
coursing through veins stalking my prey, with a blade made for sawing,
then I morph into things that are swarming, on your skin I be crawling,
who the hell you think you're ignoring, it's the fear I'm absorbing,
I know you came to dream about falling, your sleeping was boring,
til I drag you all in the corner and paint your corpse on the walling,
cut and slice you like foreskin the whole time I be chortling,
welcome to prime time bitch, let me scratch that itch,
and detach your wrists, yo who's eyeball's this,
you wanted wet dreams, you'll get screams and blood drenched sheets,
face like a walnut, you can call but the, help won't reach,
on Elm Street come from behind like surprise mother fucker
and stick, both of my fingers in your eyes mother fucker,
I don't fight fair in this nightmare I'll run you through ...
mic check one two ...
Freddy's come for you

Richie (Leatherface)
They passing through Texas? well god bless em,
they better call they reverend when they hear that saw revving
or better yet a medic when their limbs are all severed
oh you thought we only used cow skin to make the leather
mask crafted out of human flesh, no bones and teeth
stitched the first body back 'N 95, I guess I'm covid free
I'm lifting faces with a surgeon's patience, but with no degree
generating missing person cases but I'm so discreet
talking bad? That'll get your head sawed in half
all my dogs licking up the blood splatter off the grass
I don't have a gun but imma cock that hammer back
and when you hear that loud crack, that's another body bag
You won't find a BBQ in texas with a better taste
our ingredients combine to make a special plate
And that's why Leatherface is killing at unfettered rates
to separate meat from these bodies so the chef can bake

Penny (Pennywise)
Merciless ima haunt your town
Red balloons u know how i get down
No smiling just frowning im killing everyday i'm clownin
So Hide your kids and hide your wife
One eye open late at night
When it's dark u need those lights
Call your friends cuz u cant fight
Can't stop me i'm a demon when its night time kids be screaming
this is real life no dreaming
And your blood just might be leaking
Pennywise just say my name 1 time
Don't be scared you'll be just fine
Come inside and see your prize
It's your brother he's alive
I told u ima kill u and everyone here thats with u
You alive that's an issue so try to answer my riddle
Derry Maine the place we call home
Scared to death no weakness shown
Losers club carve it in stone
We the best act like you know
come get us we ready this beef is gonna get deadly
No light weights we heavy Pennywise hes just too petty
On the low i think he's scared of us
Keep it down and don't say much
Be precise and please don't rush
Stupid clown your time is up

Mega Ran (Candyman)
Candy paint like I was raised in Texas
Those who Knew me say I’m crazy reckless
Calling my name got the strangest death wish
Coroners try to explain my methods
From an urban legend in Cabrini Green
To extracting vengeance on ya tv screen
I’m on easy street Think it’s Peachy Keen,
Bout to slash ya throat just to see you scream
Be... my victim...
Farewell to the flesh
The Forbidden,You there in a mess
Stay hidden, Be scared I’m the best
Siccing killer bees on you to tear through ya flesh
Got the ladies in love wit ya boy
Rippin em open from gullet to groin
Everything you say you love I destroy
Usually business - but this I enjoy
You don’t really wanna Play my game
Best in the business I lay my claim
Everything changed on the day I came
Look in the mirror and say my name
(Candyman) 1 time
(Candyman) 2 times
(Candyman) 3 times
Fo’ times
It’s Showtime

NemRaps (Michael Myers)
I hate talking so lay off of that friendly grin
flesh fileted carcass displayed often. tearing limb from limb!
Place your flayed parts in a raised coffin. Gotta fit them in!
cuts yo face off with a chainsaw that goes rrng-rrng-RRNNG
If this silhouette is approaching then you should fear the outcome
you can't hide, your feet might as well have been dipped in talcum
so check the stride. I got me a sharp knife and I could kill a thousand
slicing necks like its a cover of a GZA album
If I see you I promise
squeeze out your bodily fluids, yes even the vomit
You can see me, yeah I'm coming!
No I will I never back down like I sleep on my stomach
I got some bones in the closet
I think it's time for me to go and make a deposit
people saying I should stop it
murder is a puzzle, blood is the way I can solve it
thinking to yourself "is it all a dream?"
no, really you are living in a nightmare
I don't need a team, I'm a get rid of each and every one of you
pitiful beings, everybody running, but I'm right here?
if you can bring guns and machetes and knives
then I don't need a reason fight fair
you can feel the breeze in the night air
maybe that means you are gonna die here


from Ghouls 'N Ghosts 4, released October 27, 2020
Produced by Rifti Beats and G1ToTheRescue
Mixed by Michael Gamarano
Mastered by Matt Weiss for Weiss Sound




Mega Ran Phoenix, Arizona

“Mega Ran's proven he can excel in storytelling, punchlines, poignancy, freestyling and, well, pretty much any other way you can measure an MC.”

— LA Weekly

An incredible impromptu "freestyle" MC, Ran's unique combination of fantasy and introspective hip-hop has found its way all over the world, into leading press outlets and most recently, into the Guinness Book Of World Records.
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