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Morning Glory (feat. Noveliss and Substantial)

by Mega Ran

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Reflections. Blessings. Losses. Lessons.

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Here it is a groove slightly transformed
As it's prone to be when I perform
While I'm penning this, the horns force me to reminisce to my innocence
Copping a squat at my genesis
Altered beast been off the leash, since the homie said rise from your grave
I knew lives would be changed
My guys were dismayed when I said I wouldn't rhyme for the change
But when they saw what I had displayed
They were shocked like
Virgil Hawkins, and the actions I prefer to talking
Would be the lights that could cure the darkened
While ensuring the sword is sharpened
Rapping in a leaky closet of my third floor apartment
Giving it the college try, I was sliding by
Ignored by every outlet I dreamed I'd be acknowledged by
Greeting my class with tired eyes
I just let the motivation guide my path like fireflies
I kept hearing this isn't marketable
Marking on the whiteboard trying to be remarkable
We are just specks of dust atomic particles
In a world where cops and media live to target you
People call me a breath of fresh air
Not realizing it took it all for me to get here
Misplaced friends and motivations when I was still a kid
Lost everything but the will to live
So here he is
Back in the struggle back in the mix for them chips like ruffles
Mom said stay out a trouble and you just might bubble
So I Pull her out the rubble
Then put her a shuttle
Here's a trade secret, being black means you gotta be better than perfect
Just to receive the same treatment
I'd slay demons for this like tanjiro
Till it's done theoretically everything's impossible

Grand rising
Grand writing
From grand minds
Earth's Mightiest Heroes
Emerge from tiny dinero
The illustrious
Gameboy Advance
Accompanied me on the back of each
Gen. 3 then
The Hoenn region
A product of advanced writing courses In school
The sound of water
While I tilt my sword up to the moon
A Vagabond
With a couple of masters
Along the way
My lack of communication
I disappear without shame
Determination with that what?
Knowledge of self
A Black Star
It's hard to shine
If you created yourself
Always the light
Seeking the rise
To tell our stories
Stay the course
Ori would shine through the Blind Forest
Ice water course through his veins
Not the most famous
But more equipped for the job than
Your favorite
Is it about
Getting your flowers in a timely Manner?
Or planting your own?
Truly standing alone
This where the waves end
And low tides
Sing you a lullaby
Capture your reflection and shine it up To the Heavens
Stuck a dreamer
Or legend?
A beacon of severance
From other peoples perspectives
Accepting your imperfections and
Forging them into weapons
See not a loss
But a lesson
Clocking in almost had me locked in
Until I found the path with
Zero foot steps
And found ME again
So many times we wanted to quit
Lost ourselves
Kept our art on the shelves
The art of betting on self
But if me in the beginning
Could see the me of this instant
He'd be inspired
The story of limits defied
Through each trial by fire...
Limits defied through every trial by Fire
A cup of coffee
While I sit in a house
That art provided
Gives relief in the slightest
But still knowledge of the highest

Life moves faster the longer you live it, so at a moment's
Notice… might have to build your own table but lack components
Knowing is half the battle, the other is acting on it
Mistakes were mine to make once I made'em I had to own it
No lease… more's caught than taught say the least
Your character will spell it all out so save the speech
Sunday dinners we hit Grandma house, she'd make a feast
While reminding us be ready for war but pray for peace
Making beats and writing rhymes help me brighten my future
Lit my soul on fire like when you fight with Akuma
We're creators that were forced to be products or be consumers
Black folks who laugh at our own pain. Our sense of humor

Is dark, but our smiles are known to light up our way
Soul's worn but still manage to step out on faith

Build a castle in the sky like Mizaki, watch me
Laid back, having million-dollar dreams like Dibiase


released November 10, 2022
Beat produced by Mega Ran
Bass by Isaac Wriston
Recorded and Mixed by Bag of Tricks Cat at HKS Studios
Mastered by Matthew Weiss.


all rights reserved



Mega Ran Phoenix, Arizona

“Mega Ran's proven he can excel in storytelling, punchlines, poignancy, freestyling and, well, pretty much any other way you can measure an MC.”

— LA Weekly

An incredible impromptu "freestyle" MC, Ran's unique combination of fantasy and introspective hip-hop has found its way all over the world, into leading press outlets and most recently, into the Guinness Book Of World Records.
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