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from Mega Ran by Random



Shadowman produced by Random, scratches by DN3
I thought the Shadowman track had some of the deepest bass and rhythm, so I knew I was going to use it. I experimented with about 5 or 6 drum patterns on that song and couldn’t decide. Finally, upon listening to Timbaland’s ‘Give it To Me’ track with Justin and Nelly, I decided to snatch Timbo’s kick and snare from the beginning of the song, just as a placeholder until I found a better one…. but it stuck (Thanks Tim!) :-) Sidenote, this almost became ‘Mega Club.’ The BPM (Beats per Minute) are exactly the same.

At the time when I wrote this and “Flashman,” I was listening to a lot of Common’s classic album “Resurrection.” Throughout the album, Com just spits out witty line after witty line. I just wanted a B-Boy type track, with some scratching and boasting…but with an upbeat, almost commercial sound….so, out came ‘Shadowman.’ So much of the Mega Ran project was created this way, with me attempting to combine underground lyricism with quirky, electronic beats that could spark some nostalgia.


Aiyyo we get it done, I'm in and out like a hit & run
Chances of me fallin off slim and none
Wanna take my mic you better get a gun
Don't be fooled; he might seem tough
but he only a cream puff, spittin what he dreamed up
And on the real I got better unreleased stuff
I can't hear him, Fermat's last theorem
Ran's the future and y'all so last year with it
I creep through the dirt with verses like serpents
Worthless jerks get earthed beneath surface
Shattered dreams'll defeat ya purpose
Y'all don't need a proof of purchase - you got it~!
Audible narcotics when the R drop it
Attackin all topics, how you gon' stop it?
Off top, Big Ran the boss, I cost
Y'all doodoo with the flow boy - "ready you are not"

{*scratching: "give 'em that dopeness", "the flow is ferocious"*}
{*"Dirty job but it must be done"*}

Yo, let me guess, you the next one to test
Soundin all rapademic yeah it's just another gimmick, 'fess
Fans be like "OOOH!" Easily they get impressed
By any whack rapper receivin a bit of press
I was raised by the culture, tell it sick
like the Conastoga, yo' time is over
Circle my prey like some kind of vulture
You're not a soldier, grounded like Folger's
This is real life, not a simulation
I'm so bored, I guess I should work for immigration
Cause Del said you need to know your limitations
14 years later you're still imitations!
We innovatin, RAHM Nation
Not waitin for y'all cats validation
We - fully accredited, experts in settin it
Don't wanna be repetitive but y'all ain't gettin it~!

{*scratching: "give 'em that dopeness", "RAHM Nation if you don't know"*}
{*scratching: "give 'em that dopeness", "the flow is ferocious"*}
{*"Dirty job but it must be done"*}

It's after 12, so you know the beast is out
Lovelies give a Lil' Dap when I "Speak My Clout"
Pause, cause you don't know Random beats about
I'm official, blow in the cartridge 'til it whistle
Old school like Voltron when it's go time
I hold mine without an industry co-sign
WHAT YOU DO? Write, produce, the whole nine
Never left, been in the building the whole time
Sure bet like LT on the goal line
Foamin at the mouth cause they know what I'm about
No denyin, cold as I am
Leave your man with his girl's shoulders cryin
Like laundry rooms when clothes is dryin
You padussy rookie - WHOOPSIE!
You be the next dude, slingin that the label ain't push me
Got promoters linin up to book me, it's Mega Ran - what?!

{*scratching: "give 'em that dopeness", "RAHM Nation if you don't know"*}
{*scratching: "give 'em that dopeness", "the flow is ferocious"*}
{*"Dirty job but it must be done"*}

{Now the real fun starts!}


from Mega Ran, released June 7, 2007
produced by DN3


all rights reserved



Mega Ran Phoenix, Arizona

“Mega Ran's proven he can excel in storytelling, punchlines, poignancy, freestyling and, well, pretty much any other way you can measure an MC.”

— LA Weekly

An incredible impromptu "freestyle" MC, Ran's unique combination of fantasy and introspective hip-hop has found its way all over the world, into leading press outlets and most recently, into the Guinness Book Of World Records.
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