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The Dive (feat. Glennellen Anderson & Dillon) [Instrumental] [prod. by DJ DN​³​]

from STRANGERS: Back To The Lab [Instrumentals] by Mega Ran & Amerigo Gazaway

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Inspired by the events of the record-breaking 4th season of "Stranger Things (no spoilers)," RandomBeats & Soul Mates present Mega Ran & Amerigo Gazaway's "Strangers: Back to The Lab", a follow up to Ran's 2017 "Strangers" EP.

Featuring production from DJ DN³, Lost Perception, K-Murdock and special guest appearances from Dillon, Ray Wimley and Glennellen Anderson ("Stranger Things" S1), Mega Ran and Gazaway join forces to save the world itself from the evils of 'The Upside Down'. Roll for initiative! Pay what you want, even $0.


[Verse 1: Amerigo Gazaway]
It feels like I got superpowers, Spent 225 thousand hours
On the couch watching television back when I was
Just a younger version of myself and at the time
I guess I didn’t really realize what we had
It’s funny how time flies and we grow up so fast
But sometimes I still feel like I’m stuck in the past
To be honest, I just wanna make something that lasts
Like my favorite shows, comics and 80’s movies
I’m talking E. T., Aliens, The Thing and Goonies
Can’t forget The Explorers and The Neverending Story
You can bet, I’ma still be watching 'em when I’m 40
Can't knock kids for coming up on Stranger Things
'Cause back in the day I was doing the same things
Found my love for making music through my favorite games
Discovered hip-hop, and that was my saving grace
The rest is history, can't tell you what that meant to me
Feels like it was all a dream or just meant to be
Or like I'm being shown things i was meant to see
Like Chrono Trigger when referring to "The Entity"
You see, 1985 arrived, 36 years damn i'm grateful I survived
So tell Vecna we ain't stopping 'til 3025
And if you need me you can hit me my walkie anytime, yo
[Hook: Glennellen Anderson]
It kinda feel like home
After all these hours
Not just a memory
Locked up in my mind
And I set that tone
And I gave it power
So it don’t fade away
Lost again to time
[Verse 2: Mega Ran]
Yeah, shout it up to the heavens
Strange things happen when the music's up to eleven
Never seen without the walkman I got as a present
Who would think someone would call me a legend?
It was all a dream, I used to read EGM Magazine
Writing down codes, memorizing game strategies
At the bookstore while while my mom was at Bloomingdales
Meanwhile rent was due, we was fighting tooth and nail
Eating canned goods and barely keepin the lights on
But she always sent me to school with fresh Nike’s on
They say that Nostalgia’s a hell of a drug
Every toy we loved then, we cop replicas of
For triple the price, call it a ridiculous vice
Wish I woulda took my own advice..
Keep em near mint in boxes, wrapped up and put em on ice,
Radio Raheem, with 20 D’s in the device,
Do the right thing, like Batman in ‘89
Such a moment , grab ya ticket and wait in line,
such a crazy time, with so much inspiration
Truthfully the reason for my current occupation
Can it all be so simple, how words over instrumentals
Could put me up in a rental
Traveling the country with boxes of merch
Actors and pro-wrestlers giving props on a verse
References in my couplets I’d never say em in public
Never did it for funding, i did it because i loved it
And it wasn’t overnight, bro, everything takes time
I know imma get mine cause i never say die, come on
[Hook: Glennellen Anderson]
It kinda feel like home
After all these hours
Not just a memory
Locked up in my mind
And I set that tone
And I gave it power
So it don’t fade away
Lost again to time
[Verse 3: Dillon]
Back in ‘83 I simply slid into place
Now I’m with my buddies while we dig in the crates
At age 7 I was dressing in a trench coat
Watching cartoons while Pops making some French toast
I told him I was stepping out to fight crime
And save any damsel in distress that I might find
Had my Skeletor Sword (nerf gun?) ready to induce pain
I told everyone at my school my name was Bruce Wayne
Grab the loose change from the couch and we out
Hit the comic book shop you know what it’s all about
At the least it was a pack of Masterpieces
and the new issue of Wizard magazine so I could track increases
In the price - I always been about my biz
At the bus stop, sellin candy to the other kids
Before I ever tried to hit the club with my dogs
I was slammin’, I mean I was the plug with the pogs
I was first on the scene with the Gen 13
Rockin Mossimo, - Stussy - gotta keep the shirts clean (nahmean)
Every morning it’s sportscenter With Stuart Scott
Combing thru the East Bay catalog for the newest drop
I kicked my first bars at the arcade
Playin Marvel vs Capcom you can catch a fade
And I’ve stayed true to the craft ever since
Imma leave a vast catalog as the evidence
[Hook: Glennellen Anderson]
It kinda feel like home
After all these hours
Not just a memory
Locked up in my mind
And I set that tone
And I gave it power
So it don’t fade away
Lost again to time


from STRANGERS: Back To The Lab [Instrumentals], released October 25, 2022
Produced by DJ DN³. Written by Amerigo Gazaway, McGwire, Mega Ran and Dillon Maurer. Mixed & mastered by ThisisART.

Vocal performances by Glennellen Anderson
Recorded by Hunter Britt at Orange Beach Music Studio


all rights reserved



Mega Ran Phoenix, Arizona

“Mega Ran's proven he can excel in storytelling, punchlines, poignancy, freestyling and, well, pretty much any other way you can measure an MC.”

— LA Weekly

An incredible impromptu "freestyle" MC, Ran's unique combination of fantasy and introspective hip-hop has found its way all over the world, into leading press outlets and most recently, into the Guinness Book Of World Records.
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