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RAPIDPUNCHES IT'S JUST... SO GOOD. Favorite track: 20XX.
AfroSlice thumbnail
AfroSlice This record goes hard. Favorite track: The End Zone (Final Battle).
Paco thumbnail
Paco I cannot express in mere words alone of how great these artists are. The meaning, theme, and mad beats are beyond what I would ever need in music. If I am to convey my words into how all of this music makes me feel, I would sum it up as this. You are the best. Thank you random and crew! Favorite track: 20XX.
sd71000 thumbnail
sd71000 It's all about Sonic & Mega Man: Worlds Collide, inspired by Archie Comics' Sonic/Mega Man teamup comic book story. Ran and Wilson are great here. Lots of good Mega Man and Sonic-inspired beats here, too. Awesome. Favorite track: Blur Bomber.
vincent banks
vincent banks thumbnail
vincent banks I was a big fan of Mega Man 8 because of the soundtrack and when I hear Unite I was like "Oh Damn!" Favorite track: Unite! (feat. Tha Kure).
Paul Bunyan
Paul Bunyan thumbnail
Paul Bunyan Mega Ran and Mister Wilson created a banger from start to finish with this record. The whole concept of the project is dope. My favorite track is "Best Friends" because as listener who's been supporting Mega Ran for years now it really hits home and gives me pleasure to see how grateful and humble he is. Next, I'd say that "Skull Egg Zone" is one of my joints, "20XX delivers that classic MegaMan X sample and the rhymes are hot. I'm gonna' run out of space. Just cop the album! Favorite track: Best Friends (Mega Ran Solo Mission).
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Ran take that, started with this one, that one now we bout to have fun but them days are done it's all dark for you, no rays of sun you're an anthropomorphic blue hog, pretty fast, but you look pretty soft so why don't you take all that speed you got and use it to get lost? my name is Rock and you're about to get rocked i'm a machine, i'm not gonna be stopped for your info, i been legit bro, been running this since you were a glitch yo im a slow it down, you seem to be a blt slow you're pretty quick bro, spin dash off a cliff, yo you're just illogical, taking you out's what I gotta do with a cannon, it's impossible, i'll knock every ring out you horizontal or vertical like your bonus stage i give you vertigo my technique is surgical someone should tell you I'll just end up hurting you... Wilson You Should've thought twice before stepping on my turf b, Silly fool your cannon buster cannot hurt me, The chances of you beating me...try notta, You remind of emerl from the battle saga, If y'all played that game for ya cuz, Then y'all already know what I am capable of, I can run fast, fight, and do spin dash, Homing attack will put you in shock swin cash, I heard that you are a major threat to planet earth, You bout to get wiped out like a rookie tryin to surf, You're names mega man but there's nothing mega about you, You all blue but there's nothing SEGA about you, Those energy tanks that you carry wont help you, You bout to get whooped somebody bring the belt too, Ill take you out once and for all, Then I'm gonna continue the dr eggman brawl!
Love Is... 02:50
I'm in love with a girl that's hot pink, Everytime i stare I do not blink, She's a star, something like an actress, She looking good with red and the black dress, Ignored all the she say he say, We been close since the SEGA cd days, That means we been dating for a while, My heart melts every time she smiles, We pose so we can look nice for the camera, We pose so we can look nice for the camera, We stay out son...and I ain't talkin bout guns when i say that shes nice with the hammer, We had some good times, we had some bad times, But our love will never have a flatline, my best friend she far from a foe, Her first names Amy last name rose Love is patient and love is kind and love does not boast or fall for pride but I show you off and I take you places Jealous ones envy, I see their faces Ran Have you ever met a girl that you wanted to date but yet all of your homies showed nothing but hate let me tell a story of my situation I was dating this girl and I got impatient I spoke about her, in the old days now there's no way, i can grow without her see we dated for a while, thought I knew her good now she got me feeling things never knew I could but her dad and I don't see eye to eye now I'm missing her like geeks miss Firefly or like, new muslims miss swine i'd do anything to try to make Miss mine she my heroine, nah, she my crack I clean up my act, dang near spit shine i dont think love is something that you can fall in because I love hard, baby i'm all in im so excited baby i can't hide it first name Kalinka, last name Cossack CHORUS
Yo I handle my business The creators my witness Friends are cures to my sickness Thats y I'm able to kick this Like robin van persie Chickens are mad thirsty Now they mad flirty... Lord have mercy Im not used to attention, I'm not usually mentioned But then it gets addictive Might need an intervention To come up where I lived, Dealers and derilicts And make it out of this With someone to share it with So if I make a move, We all make a move, ain't about stayin true That's just the way I move, If you been rockin wit me From when my pockets empty You know that nothing changed Now they're just not as empty always came in last So now we take it back, Now I'm like metal sonic Tryin to change the past So now I'm rhyme bout, Conquering my doubts, Stop wondering my motives, Just listen and find out Hook I call you my best friend Cuz you got my back And I love you for that 4x And if I sound happy, it's cause I found happy I thought these clowns had me I school em like brown mackie Ending the misery Now, We making history Action is white knuckled Like that echidna be Expose my negatives like a darkroom So if my head ever gets big like in the cartoons Y'all Bring me back to earth like a parachute, My compadres, I'm forever down with you... Down with you Every sonic needs a tails, Every winner needs to know what it is to fail.. And believe me I know it well Got enough baggage for 100 show and tells Now it just Feel right My peoples real tight I'm Giving sonic a voice, like I'm Jaleel white So we forage performing Because normal is boring And for sure it's important So we off into orbit!
Dr eggman was chillin in his laboratory, Thinkin of master plans aka that path to glory, (Sound effect) It's like a TV scene, The way that random person appeared on the tv screen, Egg said who the heck are you he said my name is dr wily, Who you are you he said my name is eggman nice to meet you wily, The reason why eggman played nice, Cuz he notice the emerald in wily hands yikes, Egg said you see shiny emerald that's in your hand, He did an evil grin, and said I have a plan.. Chorus Welcome to Skull Egg Zone, Once again welcome to skull egg zone, The only place where evil is good thing Holmes, That's the main reason why it's called skull egg zone, Both evil doctors are controlling this, Hehe the world will be ours get a load if this!
Chorus AIn't no time to sleep You ain't hot as me you in the Lava Reed And you know I'm a beast Ran fools try to take me off my game, that ain't worked since I was bout 6 spit that flame, get back lames, melt the rubber sole off your kicks (hey yo) never sling no yayo, drop them raps to make my pesos (hey bro), hands off my queso (hey bro) boston to diego (halo) and I don't mean Master Chief, Bungie or 343 better be flyer than a G4 seat, if you wanna grab the mic before me show my talents out in Paris and they told me 'c'est magnifique' me and Wilson have to eat so yo, we gone smash them beats hotter than fireworms riding top down through the Lava Zone I dont think you want that drama, holmes, wherever the stage is at, i'm at home falling rocks call the shots give it all i got, scolding hot girls coming out they halter tops somebody go 'head call the cops, we on the top. Wilson don't know why I'm involved in a lot of beef, I think they mad cuz Wilson spittin that lava reef, If the act was real, You def could put me on it, No need to hit a monitor with fire on it, any genre any beat Wil Kills, I'm on a hot streak and I refuse to take a chill pill, My town is sayin that this nerds hot, I'm like an nba jam character after the 3rd shot, I started from the bottom now I'm cruisin north, My buzz is finally flamin on like the human torch, I'm a maniac pyro, That wouldve put ripto In a rage..spyro, A warrior that causes wildfires..ryo, Mister Wilson stay with heat, that Should be on my bio, (That should be on my bio) Yall losers chillin with the polar bears, You can't see me like gettin hit by a solar flare CHORUS Story: Sinister Insidious Similes Simmerin' simmerin' Given em' energy that can make liquid outta igneous Villey is a vill-i-an, a million mammalian styles I'm quick to hit an idiot make em' flip into a tailspin for Miles I'm on that Lava Reefer ether to beat the bejeezus out a sequencer Ain't no time to sleep here, gotta sleeper cell schemin waitin for the beat to repeat here It's a trepidatious situation, may flip any which way so tread cautious I'm doin' my thing collectin gold rings then I'm pop-pop-poppin off on Robotnik I'm basically a blaze, a flame, a laser beam, sharp razor vapor steam, phoenix burnin up the stage I mean I'm everything synonymous with fieriness perform pyrotechnics on a pair of techniques better watch how you speak I'm a shark in the reef I'm a start with the beat but I'll end with the heat better remember the Vill'll dismember the enemies'n scatter their embers into the middle of the seas Assassinate nerdcore on the flyest sh---- and I'm here to let it be known that on the rhymin tip I'm usually buddies with the folks I be rhymin with but this is still Hip Hop and I'm gonna let you know what time it is and that goes for Warrock, Int 80, and Jesse Dangerous Frontalot, Wordburglar, K-Hill I'll make ya'll anonymous got love for ya'll but I'm try'n to murder you people Ran too, make sure your fans ain't heard of you ppeople I'm ol' school rap bully and I'm servin you people check the word make sure no one ever even nerd of you people
Chorus Wilson giving y'all mega man raps, This right here will make every fan snap, The folks that try copycat my style are wack, That kinda rap belongs in the junkyard scraps, Verse All the haters in the game can get a cannon buster, ..By the kid with the shiny luster, The blue bomber is my nick name, Rock man in Tokyo that's also a sick name, ..My call of duty is get lames, Watch it up close like a court side knick game, Bad guys hate it when the A-R spit, I am shooting everywhere like JR Smith, I'm something you can't detect no radar glitch, Your fam will value this...Tamar clips, ..I tried to tell y'all that this nerd hot, I stay with a crew around me....servebots, Shout out to Richie Branson for the rebel music, The bass goes hard plus he put some treble to it, ...If the folks got that, Congrats you can understand robot rap! Chorus Wilson giving y'all mega man raps, This right here will make every fan snap, The folks that try copycat my style are wack, That kinda rap belongs in the junkyard scraps, 2x Verse 2 Dr light flow I stay in the damn kitchen, Cookin ideas cuz I have that mans vision, Salty MCs in the game stay dissin, That's the reason why Im on a command mission, Eliminate all wack rappers on site, I don't really care if it takes me all night, I should win an artist award..breakthrough, Cuz This song right here is gonna make you, Jump jump slide slide, Jump jump slide slide, Jump jump slide slide, Jump jump slide slide, I had to do this for the fans son, Now I'm gonna pass the mega man raps back to random Chorus Wilson giving y'all mega man raps, This right here will make every fan snap, The folks that try copycat my style are wack, That kinda rap belongs in the junkyard scraps, 2x
20XX 03:51
CHORUS I'm from a city called Robot City best city in the whole wide world yeah, I'm from a city called Robot City best city in the whole wide world's 20 double x, what a mess... we need you rap is at its' dumbest yet (2x) Wilson Are all the rappers that's in the game in trouble yes, I'm far ahead like it's the year 21xx, God didn't bless you, you and your yes crew, No sequel but all of y'all could get X 2, Too many viruses in the game sigma, I'm shaking my head asking why the consumer dig ya, This that 16 bit swag, lets go, Mister Wilson and Random gotta Snes flow, The crowd love us, no I'm not bluffin, We Have em charged up like holdin the Y Button, An evil genius like that bald guy, I call my crew rush cuz all my dogs fly, One day ill make millions, I blend in all environments sting chameleon, If you're rappin only for the paper, Ill make sure that you stay in the cut like a Z Saber! CHORUS Ran and I'm born here raised here, work here play here ever since a little bitty boy and I rock and roll, lock and load hand on the sticks cause I got control and most of these wannabees can't come at me like an outside gate, they ain't got the code Light is my pops, my pop is bold genius, built robots at home laser pin point accurate heartless yet so passionate not arrogant, cause i know any day everything i see could be taken away rap sucks more challengers comin and nope I never hide mega man 1 & 2 cause I don't let em slide got enough flavor for the lovers and the haters too fans begging me to get on X like ravers do everything I drop insane, they dig me like Dr. Cain I don't do the rocks and chains, proof that we are not the same grown man yet I still collect toys pull the cannon on them Reploids now they all Des-troyed!
Kure Time out bro y'all need to cut it out I've been searching for awhile to tell you what I've figured out earlier i came across some unknown robot masters must be from your world sonic..wiley that bastard see,these guys were strong and dangerous don't you see it in his eyes that he's one of us? kinda blue like you,and you a bro to me make me feel like we all on the same team so sonic, whose these friends your looking for? must be the ones i came across, i knew there was something off, i've never seen these ones before..oh..yea they mentioned some robotnik guess him and wiley teamed up and they made your friends robotic got them stealing gem stones,damn we need to end this if not..i feel this world we're in will be ending don't know how but they made our worlds collide if y'all keep fighting they'll make sure this world do divide into pieces this battle needs to cease, so peace it cause only if you two team up will these two be defeated. No more fighting, it's time to unite No more fighting, it's time to unite the icons need to save the world before the evil Docs take over the world Wilson Bummer majores, not in a rad way, This some bad news, it's a sad day, I'm this close to being traumatized, The S-o-n-I-c team got robotisized, I really wish that this was all a dream, I am sick and tired of dr eggmans schemes, And this wily guy..sounds no good, Goin by the name alone you can tell he's no good, Gettin all 7 emeralds equals trouble, We need stop this before earth turns into rubble, Aye proto man thanks a lot you're a life saver, We prolly would've done something we regret later, It's about that time for both worlds to unite, Thats The only f'n way that we can win this fight, ..We really have no time to play so, mega man lets peace it up, what do ya say bro.. No more fighting, it's time to unite No more fighting, it's time to unite the icons need to save the world before the evil Docs take over the world Ran Guess we got to to unite, Time to show and prove right It's goin down tonight These doctors just do right We slip inside real smooth like All they see is blue lights We too nice Wily's off and egg man ain't wrapped too tight We.. Come together like magnets cause, We ain't havin it Doc got us fighting like savages While they plot and plan I just stand Hand on my buster waiting I'm saying it's so frustrating Proto thank you for interrupting brother We gone need saving I'll gladly put down my weapon If you slow down a second If we team up I reckon We'd be the best, no question Join forces and torch this establishment Chaos emeralds,Robot masters It's, an embarrassment Dismantle em before our time is up Got a mega team up, tear the scene up, make em believe us Mega man and sonic got a nice ring to it Get into it This track would make some nice theme music CHORUS No more fighting, it's time to unite No more fighting, it's time to unite the icons need to save the world before the evil Docs take over the world
Blur Bomber (free) 03:49
Chorus The blue bomber and the blur arrives, It's about time that the worlds collide, Out of all the capcom and SEGA fam, It had to be sonic and mega man, When if bad guys appear, No need to fear Blur Bombers here, When bad guys appear No need to fear Blur Bombers here Random Somewhere in Monsteropolis the ulitmate team up is manifested and there ain't no stoppin this they thought that we were opposites rockin since the 80s and no one could alter or doctor this consider it recompense for your loyalty oh my Lord it seems the game gods rewarded me me and Wilson and we back in the nick of time soon as it was announced, they knew that I would kick a rhyme too good to be true, too true to be denied and this is a result when 2 different worlds collide we both tried to make a move in the next gen probably both would be gone if the fans tried to stop me and pack me away everytime they they got me, I'm back in a day so i teamed up with Sonic, we both got a thing for blue both got a thing to do, teachin em a thing or two, what! Chorus The blue bomber and the blur arrives, It's about time that the worlds collide, Out of all the capcom and SEGA fam, It had to be sonic and mega man, When if bad guys appear, No need to fear Blur Bombers here, When bad guys appear No need to fear Blur Bombers here Wilson **Shhhh** Do you hear that sound, Thats The sound of fanboys jumping up and down, The haters in the game really hope that it's a dream but, It's for real that the boys about to team up, They love us cuz they know that we're some cold g's, And we rock man like mega mans name overseas, Glad both parties saw the vision, 2 different worlds but we're on the same mission, To keep the world safe man, To stop the terror of Dr Wily and Eggman, They better bring a bigger crew in brah, They lucky that we can't do a fusion ha, That would've crazy, we would've been too, Fast aka light speeds ahead of you, You know what this song might do, Change your favorite color to dark, sky, or light blue Chorus The blue bomber and the blur arrives, It's about time that the worlds collide, Out of all the capcom and SEGA fam, It had to be sonic and mega man, When if bad guys appear, No need to fear Blur Bombers here, When bad guys appear No need to fear Blur Bombers here repeat
Lets get shakin! Like a babies rattle, It's about that time, for that final battle, Got all 7 emeralds now we're fast Without a booster code, I know that y'all still shocked that both of us turned into super mode, The mission is to get the mean, Doctors out of the death machine, get the heck out of skull egg zone, Cuz both our worlds wanna go back home, It's not over til the fat lady sings, I refuse to crown these fools as kings, Hey mega man I know one thing, We need to hurry up before we run out of rings, Watch out for the lasers, This machine is something major, The egg rockets on sight, We have to move from the left to the right, Ok we're doing fine, We gotta hit this machine at least 8 times, We gonna show who's tougher, with some spins and a cannon buster, I don't know about you mega man but I'm used to not having home field advantage, Been beatin dr eggman since 91 and still doing damage, That's for over two decades..of seeing eggman fall, But I'm sick of fightin its time to end this once and for all! Chorus Cmon Cmon Cmon Now let's do it Cmon Cmon Now get to it 8x This is the final battle finally there's some clarity but I dont think this is how it has to be so this ones for free like charity chaos emeralds got me feelin' super gleam in my eyes, it's not something i'm used ta know i be through them wars knew what it was when i stepped through the door 2 on 1? i like those odds got the buster charged, I fight your squad.. all alone if I have to but I don't have to, cause now we have TWO say hello to the new Blue Man Group Chances slimmer than the mustache on Fu Manchu that you can be a winner, what my two hands do get equipped, i know one thing that you can't do and that's--use the power of my enemies against them I switch to the missile and send them straight up now they locked upon your cock pit right in the kisser like a Randy Orton dropkick I glance at Sonic and he's got this timing has gotta be precise and so I switch to the buster, damagin' they weapons defeat is out of the question, let's win! CHORUS 8x
Ending 02:32


WORLDS COLLIDE! An epic journey with two of gaming's most iconic figures, Mega Man and Sonic The Hedgehog. Random, aka Mega Ran, the world's most foremost hip hop gamer, brings his brand of "chip-hop" to a new level by teaming with New Jersey based battle rapper Mister Wilson, an avid fan of Sonic, with seamless chemistry over spaced out production.


released December 10, 2013

Inspired by the "When Worlds Collide" Crossover Comic Series by Archie Comics. Written by R. Jarbo and T. Wilson. Recorded and mixed by Brian Gigerich at HKS Studios, Glendale, AZ. Mastered by Jamel Abbas.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Mega Ran Phoenix, Arizona

“Mega Ran's proven he can excel in storytelling, punchlines, poignancy, freestyling and, well, pretty much any other way you can measure an MC.”

— LA Weekly

An incredible impromptu "freestyle" MC, Ran's unique combination of fantasy and introspective hip-hop has found its way all over the world, into leading press outlets and most recently, into the Guinness Book Of World Records.
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