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Mega Ran 9

by Mega Ran

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Aaron "ProtoBusterSwrd" Rodriguez
Aaron "ProtoBusterSwrd" Rodriguez thumbnail
Aaron "ProtoBusterSwrd" Rodriguez The Blue Bomber/Teacher/Rapper/Hero returns with a vengeance! This time, he samples Mega Man 9's tunes while reminding us all exactly why we've decided to follow him. I just ADORE "MegaLude 9," which samples Dr. Wily's Stage. Can't get enough!
-Aaron Favorite track: MegaLude 9.
Christian White
Christian White thumbnail
Christian White It wasn't until recently when I saw megaran live with MC Lars that I started listening to his music... What a fool I have been, I've been missing out for so long and now he is one of my favourite rappers up there with Lars and Ice Cube. The masterful lyrics and undeniably awesome beats have given me many hours of happiness. If you haven't listened to this man yet, get it done and you won't regret it. Favorite track: Splash Woman.
Robert Riley
Robert Riley thumbnail
Robert Riley first thing I heard from Mega Ran Favorite track: Splash Woman.
Timothy Hely
Timothy Hely thumbnail
Timothy Hely This is a great album! + SPLASH WOMAN! :D Favorite track: Splash Woman.
Mister Crow
Mister Crow thumbnail
Mister Crow I can relate to the lyrics (in a sense). Favorite track: Splash Woman.
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Fresh off an incredible year that saw him compete for the Scribble Jam Championships, open for Common, receive print press coverage in Blender Magazine, and place as a finalist in the Online Hip-Hop Awards, indie MC/teacher Random (aka Mega Ran) has released his 2nd video-game concept album called "Mega Ran 9."

The album, Mega Ran 9, samples sounds from the soundtrack of the newly released game and transforms them into all new Hip-Hop, rock and dance tunes. It is a surprising followup to Ran's 2007 album "Mega Ran."

"I wasn't planning on reviving the Mega Ran character and series... but the fans asked for it," Random says. "I get a few emails every day asking me about a sequel. So this is a sequel of sorts."

So for those dedicated fans, Random and Capcom-Unity present Mega Ran 9.

Capcom released Mega Man 9 in September 2008 to a hungry videogame audience, and has registered over 400,000 digital downloads on Xbox Live, Playstation Network and WiiWare. The game has been praised for its impressive level design and return to its 8-bit roots.

"I love the (Mega Man 9) game...It's so challenging! Deep down in my heart I try to convince myself that I'm part of the reason for the game's release," Random jokes. "I can only hope to see Mega Ran as a playable character in the next sequel."

Random's original Mega Ran title racked up some impressive accolades, earning recognition and an official license from Capcom USA, in addition to press coverage on G4 TV, IGN, and in print magazines such as Blender, Wired and more. Random continues to perform at anime and gaming conventions all over the country.


released March 12, 2009

lyrics by R. Jarbo and others where listed. Production by Storyville, DN3, Andre Jackson, K-Murdock, Shadix, Samik. Mixed by Storyville.


all rights reserved



Mega Ran Philadelphia

“Mega Ran's proven he can excel in storytelling, punchlines, poignancy, freestyling and, well, pretty much any other way you can measure an MC.”

— LA Weekly

An incredible impromptu "freestyle" MC, Ran's unique combination of fantasy and introspective hip-hop has found its way all over the world, into leading press outlets and most recently, into the Guinness Book Of World Records.
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Track Name: Splash Woman
This is a mission not a small time thing they got me on the case I'm sherlock
Holmes, my dome kinda messed up from what I been seeing, and what im hearing got me not knowing what to believe in.
I was breezin battlin bosses
Record is flawless. Zero losses
Till I came across this stunning young piece
Who resided at the bottom of the sea
Now she, told me her name was splash woman
Beautiful but deadly, she was mad cunning
She had a voice that could calm the savage
Beast her physique was way above average
Magic the way she caught me in her spell
Got me on lockdown Sorta like a cell,
But I got a mission and I can't afford to fail, girl I got a secret to tell
I don't really know how to say this
So imma just say it, you my favorite
Even underwater I'm enchanted by ya fragrance
You're nothing to play wit won't u be my baby
Maybe we can get up outta this lair
And maybe get a bite somewhere my dear
And even though she knew the the truth about ran, I had a feelin she would understand: I think I got a chance

Splash woman, splash woman, splash woman, splash woman

Thought I was in love before
But I love you more
So baby come aboard and go away with me,
so I can make you see what you mean to me
and baby we can
A whooa.....Under da sea..whoooa
Just u and me

Seem like
Every couple years I get that feelin
Feeling like I'm about to hit that ceiling,
But I can't cuz it's lined wit spikes
When I reached her lair and it was time to fight,
I couldn't do it, punked out like ashtons victims:
she started singing and I had to listen
It was lovely, when she sang the fish came,
my mission changed it's insane
She told me her story bout her true purpose
used to save victims who fell thru the surface
But a few days ago her contract expired
And she was scheduled to be thrown into the fire
And wily gave her a reason to live
So now she gotta do what he says
She shed a tear and said you don't understand,
I gotta stick to the plan
I owe everything to this man
So please mega ran
Don't take it personal
Cuz it hurts i know, but I ain't wanna make it worse ya know
he saved me baby,
So to turn my back on wily is just plain crazy
She said this is the only way it can end
Let the battle begin, we can't be friends
My heart sunk slow as the lair door closed.
Drew my mega buster cuz it's time to roll
.here we go...

The *battle was on, and it was fierce
Hit me in the side and left my armor pierced
On her command the fishes attacked me,
cocked the mega buster and hit em exactly
But the battle took a turn that was odd
every time I fired a shot, she didn't dodge
She took each blast from the armcannon
Smiled at me as each shot was landing
At first i i didnt kniw what she was plannin
Then Suddenly I started understandin
Yo I think she letting me win
Giving me what I need so I can get to the end?
By the 17th hit she began to stagger
Fell to the ground so I ran and grabbed her
looked in her eyes & she tried to laugh
Pulled me close and handed me her staff
I *said i wish i it didnt have to be like this
I'm think he might miss her if she be my miss
She said don't be foolish, u gotta do this
Let the whole city know what the truth is
She said boy u got stuff to do
I said girl I woulda gave it all up for you
I feel invincible when I'm holding you
But as far as love goes, now I'm 0 for 2
Track Name: My Love feat. Rufus Pipes
Random and Rufus Pipes
Track Name: Outro
R. Jarbo