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Mega Club

from Mega Ran by Random



Mega Club featuring Problem Child (Storyville) produced by Random
I’m a big fan of Matt Weiss, aka Problem Child, aka Storyville…aka…well, I don’t know what he’s calling himself these days. After the bang-up job he did producing on “The Call” (he did ‘Push’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Die’), I knew that I wanted him on this album, almost as a repayment for such heat.

People have told me that “Push” was so powerful that it has touched them in ways they never thought music could. One thing I love about Matt is that he’s a perfectionist, and a hard worker. I mean, the kid is fresh out of college, and has a work ethic I haven’t seen in this game from people ten years older than he. I just knew that he’d kill the verse on “Mega Club,” and he didn’t disappoint.

A few people got on me about crediting the sample in this song to the “SnakeMan” stage in Mega Man 4, when there IS no SnakeMan in MM4….but the real truth is, this song did NOT sample SnakeMan’s stage at all. The true samples in the beat are a little ‘ding’ sound from the Mega Man 6 Prologue (The MegaLude also used it) and the ‘boop boop boop bu-doop’ sound from KnightMan’s stage, also from Mega Man 6. So, that was an extreme typo in the worst way. I mislabeled a bunch of files…hey, stuff happens.

As far as the structure goes, I included “Club” in the title because the beat is clubby, but to make sure this was not one of those bubble-gum-so-catchy my 90-year-old-gramma-with-false teeth-can- rap-along-to-it-tracks, I made the chorus virtually inaudible… This is what I’m saying:

Now it’s time for the hook, its gotta be catchy
Gotta be pop, gotta be edgy,
Make em wanna dance, make em get sweaty,
Now whatcha think of this?
Blah blah, get on the floor..blah blah blah blah, gimme some more
Blah blah, don’t stop, can’t stop, rock the party, shot somebody blah..

Kind of a combination of the most commonly used ‘party starters,’ by your favorite rappers…with a little ‘gangsta’ thrown in, so you don’t forget that they’re tough (‘shot somebody’). See, even when I’m not making a statement, I’m making a statement.


Aiyyo I'm tika-I'm the boy you can't style on
Pile on, like pigskin within the pylon
I take rappers away like Calgon
Mega Ran, it's my time from now on
Battle anybody, any set, in a sec
Ciphers, on stage, even on the internet
Better stack, I ain't finished yet
Show no love like enterin a tennis match with a tec
Funky like a used diaper
Last one to come up in debates about who's tighter
Feel my pain like the words of an abused writer
Cause it's in my veins, that's hip-hop in liquid form
Through any trial, any storm, I gets it on
I rip this joint, you kids is pawns
Got game like Capcom, perhaps I'm sick
But I had to be there for weaks to drop flatline
Get it poppin 'til every cat is convinced
You a mockingbird and my name is Atticus Finch (YEAH~!)
They say that everything with life has a death
And for every right there's a left
So for every time I killed a mic with breath
There's another young boy that's waitin to step
But it's okay, I don't MC, I'm more than that
The enemy of the norm, I'm gettin bored with rap, so
I don't wanna take it back (nope) then I'm tryin to take it forward
So I "Bend it Like Beckham" and they got nuttin for it
It's hot in here, got 'em comin out they Roc-A-Wear
With bras spilled like a cup on a rocking chair
It's the Mega Ran experience
This is the first and last time you'll be hearin this
And this is for the boys who felt him
Download it, share it, tell him you're all welcome

[Chorus: Random]
Now it's time for the hook
It's gotta be catchy, it's gotta be pop
Gotta be edgy, make 'em wanna dance
Make 'em get sweaty - hmm, what would you think of this?

Blah blah blah, get on the floor
Blah blah, if you can hear me, gimme some more
Blah blah, I won't stop, can't stop, rock the party
Shock the body, rock the body

[Problem Child]
My style, be Vile, be killin Doc Wi-ly
Really not ready not Philly not likely
Chillin, I'm willin for wildin out of control
Fill in tabs on the hill when Child is on the console
I'm the Bomb-man, spit Fire-man, I'm a Cut-man
But, cool as Ice-man, rhymes got Guts-man
About to Bubble-man, comin on Quick-man
You Crash-man in a Flash-man call me sick man
Got a charged cannon on my arm, bangin on your squad
Damage on your armor, I'm at large
Endin on the name all the same with the man Mega Ran
Leave without a pot to piss or a leg to stand
The Sega Genesis megalith makin it major
With Mr. Raised the Bar All Star, wait 'til they get a whiff of this
To the benefit I'm intendin to enter in to
dominate the game like my name was Nintendo, AHHH~!


(You're mad!}
{NO!!! I'm he he-HAPPY~!}


from Mega Ran, released June 7, 2007


all rights reserved



Mega Ran Phoenix, Arizona

“Mega Ran's proven he can excel in storytelling, punchlines, poignancy, freestyling and, well, pretty much any other way you can measure an MC.”

— LA Weekly

An incredible impromptu "freestyle" MC, Ran's unique combination of fantasy and introspective hip-hop has found its way all over the world, into leading press outlets and most recently, into the Guinness Book Of World Records.
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