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Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII

by Mega Ran and Lost Perception

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schertzo Ironically, this album shines brightest for me when it strays a distance from its source material. It is another testament that FF7's visual design, plot and soundtrack resonates with its audience on a profoundly fundamental level. Favorite track: Cry of the Planet.
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zombiekiller As a metal head, I still bang my head to Mega Ran and co.'s music. Not metal, but who cares? It's nerdcore rap.
Kirby Pufocia
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Kirby Pufocia it’s been 8 years and i still can’t get all the way through this album without crying. you really got something special, ran Favorite track: Don of the Slums feat. Storyville and The ThoughtCriminals.
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In a stunning move, hip hopper and educator Random, aka Mega Ran and Lost Perception present BLACK MATERIA: Final Fantasy VII, a Hip-Hop album using tunes from Square’s hit game.

Ran’s new 16 track album releases 14 years to the date that the Final Fantasy 7 game launched in Japan and sent the world into a frenzy. The production on the album will be handled by Lost Perception, a veteran hip-hop producer from Phoenix who shares an equal love for Final Fantasy and Hip-Hop.

Since 2007, Random has built an amazing presence, reputation and fanbase by sampling video game tunes and adding original lyrics and driving beats to them, attracting fans in both the video game and hip-hop communities. Random and K-Murdock’s Forever Famicom album dropped last Summer, and has been a huge hit, propelling tours and appearances in Nintendo Power, Wired and other magazines.

Final Fantasy VII (FF7), released in 1997 by Square, has since sold over 9 million copies worldwide, and is widely considered by many to be the greatest game of all time, and one that has revolutionized role playing games (RPGs) forever. Random agrees, and knows he can’t let the diehard fans down.

“Final Fantasy 7 is THE game that got me back into console gaming,” Ran says, after college life at had taken him away from video games for years. “I’ve never to this day been as emotionally invested into a game as I was with FF7, and doubt I will be again.” My heart will always be in 8-bit, but I just wanted to give back to (FF7 creator Nobuo) Uematsu and co. for creating a masterpiece.”

Ran usually alternates between heavier themes and video game topics in his music, as his last two releases, "Forever Famicom" and "Heroes, Volume One" demonstrated. The first single, “Aerith” is a heartbreaking tale retelling one of the most shocking moments in videogame history, the death of Aeris/Aerith, a playable character in the FF7 game.

The quest begins all over again.

Level up.
Black Materia.


released January 31, 2011

all songs Produced by Lost Perception for The Council Productions. Album features additional vocals by Brentalfloss, MC Pennywise, Devastate, Ilyas (of Tanya Morgan), Maja, Phil Harmonic, Dale Chase, and more.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Mega Ran Philadelphia

“Mega Ran's proven he can excel in storytelling, punchlines, poignancy, freestyling and, well, pretty much any other way you can measure an MC.”

— LA Weekly

An incredible impromptu "freestyle" MC, Ran's unique combination of fantasy and introspective hip-hop has found its way all over the world, into leading press outlets and most recently, into the Guinness Book Of World Records.
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Track Name: Cloud Strife
All up on they high horse like equestrians
A lifetime ago we used to be the best of friends
But things change, now I'm feelin stressed again
Got my sword leveled up let the quest begin

I was born in the sewage of the slums
In war time sought peace, no one ever knew if it would come
We were war buddies, workin on the same team with the same goal, but wit slightly different means
When he hit the scene, he commanded respect, needed something done, every hand hit the deck
Took the first shot, nobody fired back
Accepted no crap, i admit I admired that
He was a legend, his story spun far and wide
And it Scarred my pride down to my heart inside
I took every mission I could accept
Just to make my mark, cause I wanted the power and respect, that he had,
But I was just a plebian, then the war ended 'fore I could to leave again
Then I heard he found some documents
About his true origin and then he got convinced he was not of this earth, bred to be a soldier
The spawn of an alien life form, jenova
Infused with the cells while genres still in the womb
heard the newsand was hellbent on sealing the doom
Of any one who had participated
So he tore the town apart until everything was dissipated
I gave chase, and the saga begun
He released jenova and they both untited as one
Sealed himself in his lair beneath the earth
Plans to take over the world but Not if I stop him first

So Tifa tells me she can reconstruct the pieces of my past
fill in the gaps cause I'm sick of wearing a mask
framerate's mad spotty like a PS1
the story's still cloudy, sorta like my namesake
so wait-- it turns out that what was in my mind
was a memory, a dream, that wasnt even mine
this cant be, I close my eyes it looks so clear to me
apparently nothing is as it appears to be
So in fact i was kidnapped by Shinra
beat down and tortured so I couldnt remember
now i'm hot as a scolding pot, all of us were en-hanced
Mako showers jenova cell implants
crazy part is that the cells duplicate
information, so what was in my head was a mistake
the man i see in my flash backs in fact isn't me,
that would be a cat named Zack
my best friend and confidant, who died in battle
asked me to live for him, and and I mustve agreed to
so i've lived a double life for the past 5 years
told lies to the people and they believed you
but i was manipulated, by Seph
gotta find him, kill him and i'll do it myself
if i have to, but I found a group of survivors
what they lack in skill, they make up for in desire
now we on a quest to unlock this mystery
We mount up, and I guess the rest is history
Track Name: Tifa
I can remember takin walks by the lake with her by my side,
I was Maybe 11 or 12 at the time, We were inseparable, but strictly a platonic thing
She was a bit of a tomboy, just trying to hang
So we traveled every where as a duo, I go you go, I know you know,
I was her confidant, and of course _she was mine,
So when we snuck off on that path past nibelheim
I knew we weren't supposed to but I did it,
Knowing full well that our parents would prolly kill us,
But, she was wit it, still she let us contin-ya,
She never was the type to pass on a good adventure,
When we saw the mountain I don't recall who decided
That it might be fun if we tried to climb it,
Inch by inch, we Almost made it top side,
Then she grabbed my hand when she felt a rock slide,
I yelled, It mightve sounded like I cried

We both crashed down hard on the rock floor,
A 12 foot drop but felt like a lot more,
I black out, ambulance showed up
I was on crutches, but she was in a coma,
And yeah I was hurt but I was worried bout Tifa
Her dad starts trippin tellin me I can't see her
I'm crushed like red pepper
Think I felt tears formin when he told me to forget her
Apologize forever and told him I'd do better,
But he said he never ever approve us being together
She somebody strong and that was inevitable,
If you love her try lettin her go,
Pain, felt like somebody was kickin me
Words can't express what that conversation did to me
All because of one childish mistake
I might not ever again see her beautiful face
I think I love her though

mic check 1, 2, 1-2, mic check 1, 2, 1-2
a 1-2, a 1-2, a 1-2, babygirl I want you, I want you
something about her got me so excited, I can't fight it, baby i think i like it..

I met a girl they called Tifa lockheart
she came in and she stole a piece of my heart
Tell me what I need to do,
So I can tell the world about me and you,

I met a girl they called Tifa lockheart
she came in and she stole a piece of my heart
Tell me what I need to do,
Ya got me its true All I need is you

Every day for a week i went to Tifas crib, brought flowers bought soup and whatever we could give
I used to just leave em at the gate,
Cuz I know pop tired of me being at the place
Eventually Tifa recovered
And I had to tell her something I could no longer keep under cover-- she was forgiving and luckly she still wanted to see me, tell me when, I come through early like a preemie
You might have to brace yourself for this next thing
I'm leaving town for Midgar
next spring
But the difference is this isn't for enjoyment,
And I'm not even going to find employment,
I wanna join soldier and be all I can be,
Then later I'll come back for all y'all to see
Who knows maybe i can be the next sephiroth
She promised me she'd be around at least to see me off
Fought tears and said she ain't want me to leave at all
She joked and said that I'd be famous
She'd read about my adventures in the daily papers
I couldn't tell her why I did it to be honest,
I just wanted to be strong to prove her father wrong, so before I left she made me make a promise, i told her id be honest
that if she ever was in bind, cloud you got us?
Ill always come to the rescue
I couldn't let you down you're too special
Thought this talk would be the last time, I saw her face, but as I looked up a shooting star passed by
I closed my eyes and made a wish, and clenched my fists and dreamt of eternal bliss,
Then I had to split,
Didn't see her till some years passed,
She needed my help, and I told her all she had to is ask.. And she did...
still beautiful like when we were kids, I still love her..
Track Name: AVALANCHE (feat. Barret Wallace)
Not a bit nervous
Got bit further to go,
By any means, gettin rid of our enemies
Av-al-a-n-c-h-e yeah, that's who we be

Not a bit nervous
No lip service
Got a bit further to go,
-Do what I gotta kid so who want a problem wit
Av-al-a-n-c-h-e yeah, that's who we be

There's a massive company called shinra
I don't exactly know what they into
But they wanna get control of the lifestream
And i just can't let that contin-ya
They don't care who they hurt who they injure
Tryna turn the whole planet against us
So it's simple, u join the resistance or you wind up going against us
My name is barret Wallace and I'm known for paralyizing, pulverizing punks, into submission
I ain't fantasizing
wish this world wasn't violent
it'll get worse if we allow it
Hot head with a cannon for an arm, and a mind with nothin but revenge inside it
I represent avalanche,
man These chumps dont have a chance,
Watch em scatter man,
Whenever Barret's layin the battle plans
Got my people beside me, tifa provides me, wit bit of a voice of reason,
Got Biggs and wedge and Jessie
Anybody In my way I'm squeezing
Get behind me, I'm leadin, but bombing the region has gotta be the highest treason,
But we came too far to back down, I'm not leavin till we even
bring it to whoever want it u can get it quick
got the president of Shinra throwing fits-it's our planet they can't get control of it,
Ain't nobody hoppin off the train till it's over wit

Not a bit nervous
Got bit further to go,
By any means, gettin rid of our enemies
Av-al-a-n-c-h-e yeah, that's who we be

Not a bit nervous
No lip service
Got a bit further to go,
-Do what I gotta kid so who want a problem wit
Av-al-a-n-c-h-e yeah, that's who we be

B-a-r-r-e - one t
They gone have to come get me if they want me,
I don't bend I dont break, I don't care about much just my daughter Marlene and my people being free,
See you gotta understand son, I don't have the answer
I just keep my faith and I always keep a hand gun
No I mean it literal, cuz I got a hand gun,
I call it a gun arm,
So I'm never un armed,
Got it as a battle scar, from a chick Scarlett,
weapons developer, caught me in her target,
while I tried so save my friend dyne, lost my grip she shot my friend died,
so I kept his daughter,raised her as my own, child,
Till I discovered Dyne was alive, andgone wild, we keep going till the planet is at peace, someone's, and if somebody's gotta die, I figure that's a small casualty,
keep a high top fade and I keep a bad attitude,
pity the fool that compare me to that other dude,
Avalanche reppin till the day I pass on
and even if I'm the legacy will last---long

Track Name: Mako Reactor

got Money on my mind no fear in my eyes
Avalanche the squad, so its time to rise
im just goin forward, no time for going backwards
the mission destroy the mako reactors

they brought it on themselves, we gotta take em out
all in, but we might not all make it out
ending the shinra and closing the chapter
the mission: destroy the mako reactors

I never got their names, and I didn't really care to
I just want the money so the mission I adhere to
is simple, join some resistance click
blow the reactor, then we split, that's it
they go on about savin the planet
all the precious resources we been takin for granted
I'm doin me It not that i dont understand it
but im tryna carry the job out just how we planned it
and in my line of work theres no time for softies
these treehuggers better wake up and smell the coffee
i been around the block im far from a beginner
been in reactors back when i used to work for shinra
they dont trust me, and I dont like them
cuz I don't know them, but I aint like them
war? they aint built for it, trouble's like my wallet
i only find it when I'm neverlooking for it
as i set the bomb i start to get some premonition
some kinda feeling like this shouldnt be part of the mission
but i do it, 10 minutes remain
before reactor one goes down in flames
so we out, we escape to the train to rest
and part one of the mission is a complete success
So for now it seems that the good guys are winning
but this aint the ending, its only the beginning

got Money on my mind no fear in my eyes
Avalanche the squad, so its time to rise
im just goin forward, no time for going backwards
the mission destroy the mako reactors

they brought it on themselves, we gotta take em out
all in, but we might not all make it out
ending the shinra and closing the chapter
the mission: destroy the mako reactors

we get back to the hideout later on that day
and the boy Barret's actin kinda shady wit the pay
I dont need this, fam, yall can go on without me,
halfway out the door when Tifa comes up and stops me
tells me bout a promise that I made back in the day
that if she was in trouble i'd be there without delay
and now here i stand with walking out on my chance,
so I agree to take the mission, and
we're leaving town I bump into a dude named Johnny,
childhood friend who found the need to remind me
to take care of Tifa, and I willingly oblige
next on the agenda is reactor number 5
we hop up the train begin to take a ride,
but not long after we in for another surprise
i see something suspicious, they locking down the train cars
makes it exciting cuz i know its bout to pop off
but we run to the first car and decide to hop off,
near miss but we escape unscathed,
unharmed so we continue along on our way
gotta move fast get it done, I dont have all day
inside the reactor and heading to the core
the layout is the same as the reactor before
and again when i reach it i feel another light flash
im on the floor weak, paralyzed right fast
set the bomb the we break out of the premises
until we get surrounded, by soldiers and the president
he's monologue-ing about taking us under
then he summons a robot, that he calls airbuster,
we triple team it and eventually defeat it
but the explosion ripped the ground apart between us
I'm hangin in the balance, and i hear Tifa's screaming
i slip, and that's the last thing i remember seeing...
Track Name: Aerith
verse 1

Last thing I remember is plotting our escape
I was runnin wit a gang wreaking havoc state to state
Call avalance, we were somerevolutionaries
Usin every trick in the book to bring the truth and nearly
Got killed on my last mission up in Midgar
Set off an explosion, ran, but didn't get far
So I'm guessing the reactor blew
Blast knocked me unconcious, and detatched the crew
I awakened on a flowerbed Up in the slums,
on the floor of a church all covered in grunge
Thankful to be alive, in need of a shower and not a medic,
I get up sore and light headed
And it was there that I met her, her name was Aeris
Body wasn't the greatest, skin wasn't the fairest
Not someone Id normally be interested in gettin wit
But somethin bout her aura just told me she was differ-ent

So i dusted my self off and said hello,
Apologized for the inconvienience and then tried to go
One thing about Aeris she was a straight shooter,
she didn't wait if she had something to say to ya,
So immediately pleasantries were canceled
when she asked who would pay for the flowers I trampled
I laughed, and said that I'd replace em
I just did a job, that I'm waitin to get paid from
I'm a soldier, fighting for freedom,
Providing services for anyone who need em
So she came with a plan, suggested I protect her,
cuz there's bad folks out there, tryin to get her
Before I could ask why, some troops passed by
kicked in the church door, wood and Glass fly
Should i help her? My conscience says u gotta dog,
So I went from soldier to bodyguard

So in our travels in the ensuing chapters
Every where we went someone was trying to capture her
So asked her, what was the deal, what's the appeal,
as usual she's nothin but real
She was the last decendant of an ancient race,
who may hold a connectiion to a sacred place
Called the promised land, so this caused a lotta problems man,
everybody wanted it so they all devised a plan
If that wasnt enough, in comes sephiroth,
The meanest, baddest, biggest boss of em all
She goes to the church to pray for the solution
But sephiroth appears she shows no fear
And with on sword stroke, aeris was killed,
I wish i was like her, and said what I feel
I don't know what it was but there was something bout her aura
Cuz I haven't felt it since her and never felt it before her
Track Name: Don Corneo (interlude) feat. Brentalfloss
hi my name is don corneo and i just want someone to love...
yes thats don corn-eo not to be confused with

some may say that im kind of a perv, but not at all,
cuz poppa don told me if there's grass on the field then it's time to play ball

i keep some whips and chains
normal love making bores me,
just listen to my name
in spanish it means mister horny

Hi Tifa nice to meet you
your shirt is almost see through
yes that's a salami in pocket
but i am glad to see you

so welcome to my mansion
my palace of romancin'
you want some information
and i wanna get your pants and

(so we both have something the other wants...hahahaha)

hi my name is don corneo and i use a hula hoop to hold up my pants....
yes i am obese but there's more-to-love.....

some may say that im a sexual deviant
but, i'd say that i am rather lenient
the term sex slave makes it sound so--bad.

I want a bride who wont run when its sexy time
though if i have to chase you i wont mind
(i just need my inhaler)

when i bring in other women she's not mad at me
i can punch her and she wont call it battery
because right now the only thing attracted to me is... gravity

so come here girl, slip out of those jeans...
i'll ditch those other 2, switch scenes
crossdressers, whore houses?
are you sure this game's for teens?
Track Name: Don of the Slums feat. Storyville and The ThoughtCriminals
The subway stopped again, young bums talk to them-
selves, smell, can't breathe the oxygen
times been hard in Midgar, you either working for the slum Don or working for Shinra
the sky gray and blackened from Mako's reactors,
pace, aint no hazard pay in the badlands
gate says Sector 7, more like Section8
just to set it straight, the struggle is day to day
livin under tin huts, and holes in the ground
police aint around, Don's controlling the town
and the centers been bad
inside is much worse, outside is scorched earth,
so happiness here, is like finding flowers in an abandoned church
everybody hurt but we livin with this curse,
we struggling, scrapping, scraping, scrapping
guns, murder and drugs, kidnapping

It happens all the time in the slums and you should try not to come, cats Robbin for crumbs, you can get shot in the slums, if you not an alum, man look what I have become, the don of the slums

Its where we pray that our kids are athletic
Cuz we ain't makin it outta here wit loans and bad credit
This town can send you to the grave if you let it
Temptations and free lift to the paramedics
They call my neighborhood a shanty town, but I think they secretly jealous cuz they can't be down
Its the new Hooverville, where we struggle fight and scuffle tooth and nail, and even the hardest of dudes are killed, and in the game of life I play the line, scrape and grind to make a dime
Got nothin but people still bother wit hatin mine
Pray that I'm not livin in the last days and times
It's Midgar, where every summer brothers get dumber, longer nights no slumber, man someone do the numbers
We got single mothers double jeapordy and triple homicide quadruple life sentences so I gotta slide
Everybody in my circle
Is living a polar opposite of what's Seen in hallmark commercials,
Blue skies wit grey smoke from the purple... they don't say they gonna murk you, they just murk you
Rappers and ballers ballers and actors
Higher mathmatical status is what they after
Best believe that aint what I'm tryna become,
So I'll be back like the prodigal son, i'm the don of the slums

It happens all the time in the slums and you should try not to come, cats Robbin for crumbs, you can get shot in the slums, if you not an alum, man look what I have become, the don of the slums

Mikal KHill:

Wake up sleeping in a dusty bed
alone I lie frustrated, and I feel like I'm done dead
instead, I roll out, I gotta meet up with my crew
gotta figure out a way to pay this rent it's done past due
so we do what we do, mess around we might do it to you
no sorta hesitation less amazing is the speed with which
we limit break, turn on the wrong route
feel like we can get with this
when there's no other way out
no doubt, you never gonna make it
spray your name up on the wall,
own path, I made it
don't hate it
still manage staying upright
pocket full of trouble, rolling the dice
everyone a suspect, pray for doubles, cash some checks
wreck my motion on the wrong path
pockets is fat, yeah you know its got to be like that
and anybody try to take me for a chump
i got a ball of lighting in my pocket anyone act dumb

Gahhh, choking on the dust. Always watching my back, but pressing forward, so rust never touches--
The clutches on something more, the hold up at the store, before the Mako core, then--
Blaooww, gas in a potion bottle. Light the rag and run, man. There's no time to dawdle.
Never coddled, it's slums birth to box. Always hanging on the corners with Materia in my socks.
Picking locks, on the chest, it's guerrilla warfare--to loot the arsenal, and burn down the lair.
Don't stare too long, because I'm already gone. A SOLDIER born at night, trained to look for the dawn.
But a pawn's unnoticed 'till he's at the end of the board, so keep that saved stored, man. You couldn't afford--
No back up, when your back's up against a wall. And no one from the slums ever gets that governor's call.
Track Name: Cosmo Canyon (feat. The Ranger)
Last of my kind since my mother she died
My father a coward, tried to hide from the tribe
But I survived in Cosmo Canyon, companions are few
Bugenhagen like a grandfather and I call him that, too
Knew what to do when the Turks came to capture a specimen
Contested them but wasn't gettin the best of them
I saved the day but I was taken away
Tattooed with the numerals that later gave me my name
Prisoner imprisoned in the Shinra HQ
Subjected to experiments by Hojo and his crew
After more than a year, a proud swordsman appeared
He told me he was Cloud and we fought our way out
Back at home, Bugenhagen said some facts should be known
Dad didn't run from the tribe, he attacked 'em alone
Like they turned him to stone, my shame turned into pride
And as I howled at the moon, he cried from petrified eyes
Track Name: The Turks (feat. Dale Chase)
dirty work done without getting your mits dirty
operate covert to avert controversy
or tear the sector down
snatching your people up
singing a sad song when Tseng and the Turks creep up
hit squad for hire, specialists in ruthless
odd jobs for Shinra, on retainer with Rufus
you seeing those dark suits, it's no use
if told to the light they will show you
Reno, red dragon electro-mag
Pyramid scheme bringing down your Avalanche
your whole zone a victim of circumstance
when it's time, your clan won't stand a chance
in a tag you got Rude
the nice with the hands dude
the toe to toe dude, box you up like fast food
trust me, don't be faulty with the baldy
compulsively clad in dark specs to part necks
and then ya got Elena
bombshell frag hag, darling of detonators
the blonde nitro, pyro light show
strictly biz rookie dynamo
loyal to financial backers
the cunning, fearsome, murderous godwackers
with the thought don't even flirt
weave what you will, but never tangle with the Turks
Track Name: On That Day 5 Years Ago
Ever wish you never were born?
Thinking you can't the weather this storm
That's exactly where I reside
I don't wanna commit homicide
Everything I thought was the truth was all just a lie
A product of my pride
And If I don't achieve what nobody believes I can achieve then we all gonna die
Either outcome is Horrible of course
But if we both go its
Par for the course
I think about the slums where I'm from, folks are out there fighting over crumbs,
And I can't do a thing to assist it, the gist is, it's broke and i cant fix it,
I struggled to find the truth
And the more I know I'm even more confused
Traveled the world and back and still I know no one who could walk in my shoes,
I'm searching for who I think is my Enemy, but every day he reminds me more of me
So to anyone I ever did wrong,
I wish you well and pray you live long
As for me my choice was made, way back in the day, so that's why I say

Ever wish you didn't have to wake up?
lay in bed, eyelids could stay shut
That's exactly how i'm feelin now
but i know i can't cuz that's not my style
Everything I shoved in my closet is now fallin out
and makin a big pile
And If I don't believe that i can achieve the impossible i need to quit right now
Either outcome would be a let down
gots to dig deep find self respect now
I think about the past and what i did to me
those who passed on who now live through me
I hesitated to take action,
and living like a coward aint crackin
And the more I know I get more frustrated
gots to press on cuz we must make it
I'm searching for who I think is my true friends
and trying my best to tie these loose ends
So to anyone I ever loved
sometimes you gotta go through hell to reach heaven above
for all of the times I didnt listen
and all the friends I lost man i miss them,
the only medicine for suffering, crime and the woes of mankind
has got to be wisdom
i heard a man say the mind is a prison,
possessed on a quest tryna find religion
just too much heartache
lead em to the water but cant make em partake
808s autotune and heartbreak
heart racin like its in a car chase
feelin like biggie on midnight of March 8
top of the world till you starin in god's face
Track Name: Birth of a God (feat. MC Pennywise and Devastate)

We the Knights of the Round, fight till you down
let off infinite rounds, a frightening sound
enemy skill, we gettin this gil
traveled the land protected by an energy shield
random encounters with lifeforms i never seen
me and my 4 part team, materia in my jeans
Aerith's gone and and i sorely miss her
a part of me wishes I had gone and died with her
but her people knew the secret and hid it
kept the black materia where sephiroth wouldnt get it.
my minds playin tricks and im walkin a thin line
knowin i could lose control at any time
so traveling close to me isnt advised
i can't be responsible for any more lives
north crater, better sooner than later
meet me at the center of the earth and say a prayer


Sometimes you gotta pick sides
the future of all mankind is the prize

the end result is the birth of a God


Ay yo Its time to leave midgar and go meet the team
Avalanche in full effect call me mr valentine
Fast trigger when im bustin never had to use a summon
So im commin for u hojo u bettr start running
Yo im down for cause keep it moving never stall
If united we are standing then divided we fall
The gold saucer was a trap snuk out the back
I Fell a hundred feet to the ground guns still intact
I need an airship life shoutin
Lookin for the ancient city checkin thru the map
Sephiroth on our path so therso no turning back
genetically enhanced so i think i gotta chance
New spell level up strong weapon in my hand
Shinra must collapse if we wanna survive
A daily dose of hi-potion it keeps me alive, yeah



my thoughts-drift, walk-swift, see this path-is-designed
to taking passionate-strides with the planet-in-mind
the trail's-vast, sail-fast, 'nail-bat'-at-my-side
so i can battle-these-tribes of assassins-and-spies
for each glance-at-the-sky there's a woe-to-tell
or a SOLDIER-dwells to make sure you hope-is-quelled
like us, there's those-compelled to crush the hateful-cowards
who take-their-power, from mako-showers and Jenova-cells
It's hard-to-see but 'harmony' is the mission at hand
to reap-what-you-can and be at peace-with-the-land
a pipe-dream, it might-seem, but a reason-to-stand
to fight-greed of Shinra and preserve the life-stream
each breath-that-i-take is for our legacy's-sake
each 'stride' is filled with 'pride' when your end-is-at-stake
so we'll strengthen-our-chase to an excellent-pace
To get-the-boss 'sephiroth' before the WEAPONs awake
Track Name: Cid (feat. Phil Harmonic
Even though my dream of touching the sky, amongst the stars
Has died, I'm still alive, cigarette in the jaws
Is lit, the fire burning inside, personal hell
Was stoked in Rocket town, place I work and I dwell
How hoping for support, hoping for the presidents word
For Shinra to give me more funds to manage my bird
The Tiny Bronco, but while haggling the head honcho
This Emo kid and his friends jacked my ride, Oh no
I chased em down pronto, hop on the plane
With a feeling that my girl will never do it again
I was right, it was shot down, I'm staring at this Cloud clown
Thinking that he Gutts in Berserk, this jerk is just desert
And I'm about to chow down, but after the story I hear
About the end of the world approaching near
We converge paths, the world is dead on arrival
Of the Meteor, we gotta stick together for survival
I need some Materia, for weapon material
Hijacked the Highwind, then scratched off the serial
Lose Cloud, now I'm in charge, no half stepping
Find Cloud, in the fallout of loosed weapons
Find out that Shinra, is loading up a rocket
To attack the meteor with Materia gotta stop it
Reach space looking around my jaws gapes
I escape in an oxygen pod to save the race
Track Name: Cry of the Planet
you can hear the cry of the planet, even scientist cant understand it
we all at a disadvantage impossible to manage
so called experts is callin it a hoax
so its time for the networks to take a new approach
greenhouse gases, natural disasters
unexplained phenomena, time to wake up outta the
mind state, that we cant change things
the world is changing, how many times we gotta see the same things
*hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions
we need more action and less discussions,
and less corruption, before we all goners
somebody inform us, that the earth's tryna warn us
but we worried bout the trivial, superstars interviews
millionaires drama, people whats gotten into you
temperature is risin like the CO2 levels
sooner or later we'll expose the true devils
but for now..

you can hear the cry of the planet

yesterday a young mom threw her baby in the garbage,
and a bomb exploded in an Afghani market
and who you think the target is, the same one who started this
war on a people who didn't even have a part in this
terrorism's mental now, they aint gotta strike
red yellow, orange, burnt sienna, its a lotta hype
politicians spend millions to keep they cushy gigs
while single moms miss meals just to feed they kids
in the land of opportunity bring your poor, tred, your huddled masses
just not to my community
we appreciate your help building the house,
but soon as it's done fam, I gotta kick you out
that dont even make sense to me, but you can check the history
its written that a man will die for his own iniquity
and there will be a day when we rise,
but that wont be until we open our eyes and recognize the lies

protesters wit picket signs object to these wicked times
while brothers is kickin lines about cars and hittin dimes
cuz they know to get in line, work until quittin time
stand up and fix ya spine, you outta your frickin mind?
put minutes on your phone instead of minutes in their lives
till we pay the ultimate price, then ask God why
by the pursuit of gettin more, when that's America's credo
legal or illegal or you less than a zero
all the drama we got, is wasting time on the clock
came a long way since i used to rhyme on the block
learned if you value knowledge then, you free your mind to follow it
a lot of it is confidence, not what you can get out of it
turn the Tell Lie vision off and dig up a jewel
sharpen your mind so it remains the most powerful tool
at your disposal I'm hopeful, but cautious at the very same moment
cause i know everybody has to face their atonement
Track Name: Absolute (feat. Ilyas and Maja)

watch me transform just like Vincent
I'm so fly.. I'm like an airship cuz my engine
keeps revvin to the heavens got my ultimate weapon
you better watch where you steppin',
i know no limits mate, watch me use this limit break
you need a higher level you can't imitate
sit back, watch us attack, let me demonstrate
try to react, the slow spell left you minutes late
ta-ta, tootle-loo, bye bye, disintegrate
been feeling great as of late (why's that?)
is it the materia or is it the cake?
i'm sure my gamers relate, we want mo' hoes
but we dont call em chickenheads, we say cho-co-bos
Its I and I like Nintendo's new logo
i put wack rappers in a cage and tell em go-go, ha
Away, they got nothing to say
like text talking in the RPG's back in the day

Absolute, think you can stand the avalanche
grab a sword, level up but family you don't have a chance
we got the superior materia, beware of the various terrors we prepared for ya clear ya area it gets scarier

you think you can stand the avalanche
grab a sword, level up but family you don't have a chance
we got the superior materia, beware of the various terrors we prepared for ya clear ya area it gets scarier


I been real, when i'm with Il, spit skills, get gil
light like mythril, blowin like a pinwheel
live frm the lifestream, tighten ya flows
or get tossed in the cycle of souls
only the foolish try, the rest know full well its suicide
we monsters, who traveled here on the last lunar cry
prototype of the auracyte, archetype
parasite, get ya data right, or get shattered like
time, im a lyrical rhyme slave
erase you from my digital mind wave, and start the crime wave
a project G, when the meteor falls
saw the future without reading your palms
I red 13 chapters and no rappers come after
Ran and Il blow like mah-ko reactors
keep the sister ray equipped to spray
command counter with the ultima, bringing an end to ya day, hey!

Absolute, think you can stand the avalanche
grab a sword, level up but family you don't have a chance
we got the superior materia, beware of the various terrors we prepared for ya clear ya area it gets scarier

you think you can stand the avalanche
grab a sword, level up but family you don't have a chance
we got the superior materia, beware of the various terrors we prepared for ya clear ya area it gets scarier


First of all, when I open up my mouth I shut it down
Until the light is overhead and darkness all around
All encompassing, I’m functionin’
I’m summonin’ dungeons of cunning creatures until I got ‘em running
They running, I’m huntin’
The rappin’ avalanche; I cast quickly
I pass cats like sands through hourglasses sickly
From ash I rise, a hack and slash surprise -
Phoenix-downin’ is the only option unless you stoppin’
I’ll give you round of applause
If you gather up all of your Gods
So I ain’t gotta work that hard
I got gall; I’ll run up and slaughter ‘em all
It don’t really matter who you gon’ call, call ‘em all
I’ll run up and slaughter ‘em all
And I bet it’s gonna get crazy, AMAZIN’, Blazin’ I’m MAJA
When you see that Zelda emblem hangin’ round my neck I end ‘em
Suspend ‘em, I blend ‘em; My final fantasy is never-endin’
My life’s dream was just to overdose on LifeStream
I’m frightenin’ when I’m weildin’ the mic It’s like I’m Lightning

Absolute, think you can stand the avalanche
grab a sword, level up but family you don't have a chance
we got the superior materia, beware of the various terrors we prepared for ya clear ya area it gets scarier

you think you can stand the avalanche
grab a sword, level up but family you don't have a chance
we got the superior materia, beware of the various terrors we prepared for ya clear ya area it gets scarier
Track Name: One Winged Angel + Ending + Bonus Track

You can't imagine the anger, or measure the hatred.
Empathize with my anguish but I've been recreated.
And been biding my time, calculated and rated
for my moment to rise and wreak my repentance.
My whole life was a lie, everything I loved and held sacred
Was spit on, defiled, poisoned, corrupted and tainted.
I died as a human, cast down and forsaken
My soul was exhumed, reborn a one-winged angel.
I'll burn this world in hellfire, tear it apart
I 've had my revenge but revenge wasn't enough.
Look at these corporations, so much greed and corruption
People are puppets crawling up out to the slums.
You perfected flawed are undeserving of love
I'll merge with the lifestream, then emerge as a god.
Then crash the world with this rock as my mother intended
New birth of a son, Alpha, Omega beginning and ending.


The meanest, the illest, the most villainous killer
of millions rocking the sword and hair of silver, its (Sephiroth)
Product of an experiment gone wrong, burn the village down and he's long gone.
His name is... (Sephiroth)
Black materia, meteor spell caster. Task master. Many come before but not come after. (Sephiroth)
Sephiroth, better get to steppin' off, never soft, man they kill ya 'fore ya get ya weapon off.


I ain't scared of you, really I'm prepared to do
Whatever it takes, I cut the head off a snake
So an angel with one wing is next to nothing,
Gotta let you know one thing, we are coming

Behold a pale horse, a storm with a gale force,
His power is unstoppable and therefore
He's at the center of the earth so we travel there
His shadow flare almost knocked me out the battle here.
The Super Nova is ferocious, destroys the solar system,
Just to hit us with a dosage, Pluto gone
Jupiter, mercury roasted, feel like dying
but somehow I'm focused
Level 99, my combat is explosive,
For your heinous crimes you must be demoted,
Limit break - Omnislash, blades entering his body fast,
Barrett's catastrophe, hits em, multiple shottie blasts.
Tifa does her part too,
Beat rush, Somersault, water kick, Sephiroth eats all of it,
Emergency, ain't no time for callin' 9-11,
How you stop hell? I know, Final Heaven.
We face to face, man to man, sword to sword,
His bloody body explodes and it turns to orbs,
Didn't do it for fame, didn't do it for gain
But I still get a chill whenever I hear the name.