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Black Materia: The Remixes

by Mega Ran

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The album that changed remixed , remastered and re-imagined.


released January 31, 2012

Produced by Lost Perception of the Council Productions
Additional production by DN3 of One Beagle Music
and Plue Starfox.
Mixed and Mastered by K-Murdock for Neosonic Productions.


all rights reserved



Mega Ran Philadelphia

“Mega Ran's proven he can excel in storytelling, punchlines, poignancy, freestyling and, well, pretty much any other way you can measure an MC.”

— LA Weekly

An incredible impromptu "freestyle" MC, Ran's unique combination of fantasy and introspective hip-hop has found its way all over the world, into leading press outlets and most recently, into the Guinness Book Of World Records.
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Track Name: Cry of the Planet (Japan Remix)
you can hear the cry of the planet,
even scientists cant understand it
we all at a disadvantage impossible to manage
so called experts is callin it a hoax
so its time for the networks to take a new approach
greenhouse gases, natural disasters
unexplained phenomena, time to wake up outta the
mind state, that we cant change things
the world is changing, how many times we gotta see the same things
hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions
we need more action and less discussions,
and less corruption, before we all goners
somebody inform us, that the earth's tryna warn us
but we worried bout the trivial, superstars interviews
millionaires drama, people whats gotten into you
temperature is risin like the CO2 levels
sooner or later we'll expose the true devils
but for now..

you can hear the cry of the planet

yesterday a young mom threw her baby in the garbage,
and a bomb exploded in an Afghani market
and who you think the target is, the same one who started this
war on a people who didn't even have a part in this
terrorism's mental now, they aint gotta strike
red yellow, orange, burnt sienna, its a lotta hype
politicians spend millions to keep they cushy gigs
while single moms miss meals just to feed they kids
in the land of opportunity bring your poor, tred, your huddled masses
just not to my community
we appreciate your help building the house,
but soon as it's done fam, I gotta kick you out
that dont even make sense to me, but you can check the history
its written that a man will die for his own iniquity
and there will be a day when we rise,
but that wont be until we open our eyes and recognize the lies

March 11, I awaken unaware of the shape that the planet's taking
i hear the news of an earthquake and its
measuring 8.8 and leaving millions of damages in its wake
and not a minute to escape
over 10 thousand deceased, a million out on the streets
no clean water when you got mouths to feed
its torture, surreal, but no CGI, we ask god why
and she replies,
with a tsunami, waves leaving cars overthrown
turning residences to mobile homes, wish it was overblown
we watch in shock in awe just cant believe this
we praying for a nation while radiation increases
state of emergency initiate defensive tactics
Earths now 10 centimeters off its axis
...I can see tears in her eyes again,
but the land of the rising sun will rise again

but for now
Track Name: Valentine featuring RoQy TyRaiD
Produced by Lost Perception. Lyrics by RoQy TyRaiD
Track Name: Ninja Girl
Soon as I met her I knew that she'd be a handful
Not in a good way, the kind you can't fool,
Sarcastic and I usually dig that,
But this was a chick that, you brace for impact,
When ever you talk to her, because
You never know, where it's gonna go,
I rather let her go, then be all shook
Let me take it back, see how The whole thing started off on the wrong foot
We're in Wutai, traversing the area,
When guess who tries to steal my Materia?
Call herself a thief but she got caught bout it
Now I don't hit women, but I thought about it
Had to hunt her down u gotta be kidding me,
I'm all about the chase, but not literally
We found her and she promised she was trustworthy,
But tell what earthly reason I should trust girly,
Plus my heart is in another place,
I see my true love when I look at any other face. And ummm


Something's telling me not to trust her,
But my homies they all love her,
Nothing in common with a guy like me, But she probably can help us maybe I might be
* Just a little bit jaded by the way that she portrayed it, I would hate it if she played us man I got nothing to say but
Keep your distance, be persistent,
Cuz you gotta watch them ninjas

What's the difference between a ninja and a letter?

Went on an innocent date and she got a little frisky,
Even moved in and tried to kiss me,
Talk about awkward, I turned to the right thankfully, date over! I'm sorry girl this ain't for me,
She's got skill and technique when we go to battle,
But gets motion sickness everytime we travel
pokes and prods but I never let it get to me
Some kinda ninja pullin Kung fu treachery,
Doctor Wu? I'm watchin you, you know my steelo you're aware of what I can do,
But she is kinda funny, so I can't imagine hurting her,
I may be a liar but I don't think I'm a murderer,
she did heal me with her Clear tranquil
Then got smart with me when I tried to say thank you
So listen up, descendant of shinobi,
I can't be your lover, but I'll call you a homie, for now
But I wont turn my back for a second,chill wit all the passive aggression, cuz this is what it is....
Track Name: Escape From Shinra Tower featuring Juice Lee and Ilyas
Juice Lee:
we aint kill the president you need to find a man in black that aint my homie cloud sword you know his bigger than that yea we wanted revenge for what you did to sector seven tifa knows meteodrive but she aint on final heaven rufus want a little beef and so he brought his pet along I'ma shatter them barriers play the game over theme song Im make you see the life stream in perfect hd and blow up the shinra tower if you wanna try me rufus say he's after sephiroth and want the promise land I cut him off and make a promise he wont see tomorrow man i aint impressed by his suit or the shotty in his hand cuz shinra gonna feel the force of the branch of avalanche rufus know he was wrong his attack was improper so he pull a schwartzenegger and make a break for the chopper


Now its time for preparation,
we racin enemies chasin
but patience now is a must
if not we gonna get touched!
its just me, Barret, and Aerith
without Cloud we can't be careless
Time to show'em we got merit
Now to the elevator
Tifa we'll see ya later
Hundred Gunner, and he killin me
Auxiliary Artillery, Thank you Aerith for healin me
Hit' em with the magic
Lightening bolts on automatic
Now its on! because I've had it!
Limit break! gonna make'em pay!
Show my fang to protect my gang
Use my haste, got no time to waste
Then he shakes, blows up like BANG!
Then comes down the Heli Gunner
He's gonna be goin' under
Strikin 'em with the triple thunder
We takin the plunder!
repeat 3x


Gotta move quick fast, in a flash, 'fore the building collapse, so they Feelin the wrath,
Death I cannot afford so I brandish my sword start swingin and Clearing a path
Im on a Shinra cycle maneuvering for survival this mission is hella vital so I will not take denial
we don't get a lotta luck, but I think I spot a truck, sittin on the lot and what, you know it's unlocked! Start it up - I'm on the front line blockin like a full back,
Choppin at ya noggin I ain't stopping till ya skulls crack,
I hate actin wild, but im never backin down Tifa gives me a glance, I think she cracked a smile,
Simply in amazement, domino effect, hit one guard into the other watch em skid across the pavement
Imma stay close, gotta protect my Party members
I'm Karl Malon-in you phonies returning these guards to sender
Thought a told em all, now I gotta show em all, I ain't here for games
Then up rolls the motor ball,
No summons, I bludgeon em quickly with a lighting blast, striking em hard and fast
Victory is mine at last.
Track Name: Mako Reactor (remix)
Remixed by Lost Perception. Lyrics by Random
Track Name: Cloud Strife (remix)
Remixed by Lost Perception. Lyrics by Random.